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Interior Design Tips to Boost Your Mood

Personal space is actually an irreplaceable and precious source of comfort. Why pay for five-star accommodations when you can find everything you want and need right at home?

“Home is where the heart is” is a cliché we know all too well. For some of us, home is a sacred place for relaxation and a space we’d love to occupy more than ten hours a day if only we had the chance. However, others simply consider it a place to sleep and eat – nothing more, nothing less. Either they aren’t much of a homebody, or just really have an active social life that they barely spend time indoors. The last thing you should feel in your own home is unwelcome.

Our homes should be filled with objects that make us happy and at ease. Aesthetics and home design are key influences when it comes to improving physical, mental and emotional health. Who you share the space with is a whole ‘nother story, though.

Convince yourself to exchange those nights out for time spent indoors with these interior planning and spacing tips:

Succumb to the Sunlight

Did you know that sunlight increases levels of serotonin (happy hormones) in our body? In short, sunlight makes us happier. Too much of anything is a bad thing, so remember to cut those natural tanning sessions and sun exposure short.

Find a way to utilize natural lighting and get yourself easy access to the view outside (even if it’s just a view of the landscaping, front yard or backyard). Installing skylights might sound like an investment meant for the lavish homeowner, but it’ll pay off in the long run through less expensive electricity bills.

Use less artificial lighting. If you must use bright lights, position them in areas that you want to be emphasized. Like next to your favorite frame or a reading corner. Attaching lamps to the wall rather than placing them on top of a table will even save you more space. Indoor lights aren’t as beneficial as good ol’ vitamin D, though.

Wide windows will also function well in terms of letting the light and fresh air in.

Value Ventilation

You might think that you’ve got it good as long as you have a functioning air conditioner and heater. Having a limited source of natural air can be harmful for your health and even trigger sick building syndrome. Being indoors poses as many health threats as being outdoors.

To spice up your interiors and improve air quality without compromising space, try caring for small plants or succulents. Succulents aren’t space consuming and are even cute and aesthetically pleasing. Plus it only requires watering every few days, making it a low maintenance “green” duty. As hassle-free as plastic plants are, they don’t benefit us as well as real ones do. You’ve got yourself an additional source of oxygen, indoors.

More Space Means More Comfort

“I adore large mirrors because they add scale to a room. I also kept the furniture low-slung, so the rooms seem taller.”

 – Todd Alexander Romano

It doesn’t matter if you live in a loft, a penthouse, have a two-story home or are trying to make it by in a compact city like Hong Kong. Space can be manipulated in many ways. One way is through the use of sliding doors. In a small area, the lesser doors that open in your face, the more space you get for moving around.

Mirrors add scale to room if placed strategically. Keep furniture low-slung so that rooms feel taller. Floating bookcase or shelves can be placed in corners so they don’t take up space. The floating aspect makes it easier to clean around and provides more leg room. Choose furniture in neutral tones instead, so they remain versatile no matter the current trend. You can always just add elements of the current trend through your accessories and pillows later on.

Half-painted walls also give off the illusion that your ceiling is taller than it actually is. Dark shades are depressing dreary while white reflects light well and makes a space feel wider and more illuminated.


Minimalism is a popular aesthetic and has been proven to give clarity of mind, better mental health, more freedom, less stress and more time. Unplug and detach yourself from technology every once in a while.  However, if slightly messy rooms and physical clutter give you peace of mind, keep it that way.

This aspect of interior design is quite subjective.  We all have different means of finding control in this chaotic world. Space can either stress you out or keep you at ease.


It doesn’t matter how small or spacious your living quarters are. There is always room for improvement (literally) at home. Personal space is actually an irreplaceable and precious source of comfort. Why pay for five-star accommodations when you can find everything you want and need right at home?

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Ayah Granada is currently a content writer and editor for She is a former student journalist, part time bibliophile and TV series hoarder-slash-enthusiast. You can also find her on Twitter @ayahgranada.

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