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An Insight into Contemporary Fire Pits

There’s nothing warmer and more traditional than when a family or a bunch of friends gather around the fire to have pleasant conversations, sing, tell jokes, and do all kinds of interesting bonding activities. Although it’s an idea almost as old as humanity itself, we have found a way to use it in modern backyards. Fire pits are not only aesthetic features, they can also serve impromptu barbecues and outdoor dinner parties. If you’re planning on getting one of these charming additions for your backyard, we’ll give you a quick insight into the topic.

Basic Considerations

There are some basic things you should consider when purchasing contemporary or gas fire pits online or offline. You can opt for a mobile or fixed model, where mobile is more affordable and provides more convenience, and fixed is often aesthetically more appealing. You should also decide on wood fuel or firing agents. Keep in mind, though, that wood fuel requires adequate ventilation. The fire pit should be made of quality heat retaining and rust resilient material.

Legal Requirements

Fire is an element that always carries potential dangers, so it’s obvious that there are some legal regulations that must be followed. Most of the local communities have their own specific requirements, so you should check with local authorities before you start with installation.

Where to Place It?

Before you start with the construction, you must carefully devise where you will place the fire pit, while keeping in mind the safety of the property and the people in it, as well as the aesthetic element. It should be placed at least 10 feet distance from the house/deck. Also, the sitting radius around the pit should be 6 feet, so that the visitors could lounge safely.

A Suitable Base

Fire pits, of course, are never installed directly on the ground, but they have to have a solid base. The base should be a non-reactive layer made of stone, crushed rock, or brick. It shouldn’t be placed on a grass surface, wooden patio or a deck so that it wouldn’t catch fire from flame particles.

Stone or Wood?

Another important choice is will you use stone or wood. Cherry wood, for instance, produces a lovely scent while producing no sparks, so it can be an enjoyment for the whole family. Just avoid pressed wood, since it can be toxic. Another convenient option is lava rocks – fire glass.

Old or New?

Old-fashioned fire pits consume wood and are ignited with matches, paper, and tinder. Inflammable fluids can flare up and emit hazardous substances. On, the other hand, sleek modern fire pits are often easier to use and offer great design and functionality.

You Can Do It

DIY projects can elevate the appearance of your fire pit, and turn it into a true backyard sensation. Here are some interesting things you can do:

  • Make The Lord of the Rings inspired the firing station by making gaps in the shape of the inscription on the ring. When you light the fire, the letters will come alive.
  • If you’re a LoTR fan, but want something really different, make the Witch King’s head using scraps of metal.
  • You can do a similar thing with Iron Man or Batman’s head.

Precautionary Measures

One of the most important and the smartest warnings we’ve all got at some point is not to play with fire. It is necessary to be cautious with the fire pit and have a matching cover that would protect you and your family from wandering ember particles and ash and to protect the fire pit from weather impact. Standard maintenance, regular checkups, removing waste and ash and proper cleaning will keep your fire pit in good shape and safe.

Fire pits are incredibly beautiful additions for every backyard. However, the most amazing thing about them is that they have the power to connect people and bring them together in this era of alienation.

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1 Comment

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