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Innovative Ways of Becoming an Effective Tutor

A teacher is the one who is said to be divine. This means that a teacher is equal to God. It is said so because the teacher is the one who gives us information and information are certainly the most precious things in the world.

To be considered divine is not an easy task; each teacher needs to have certain qualities and qualifications to get to that position. The teacher is the only person whom we always remember as dear as our parents in our life. So to be such a precious person, there are some essential qualities that the teachers or tutors should have.

Love your students and be a master of what you teach

The first and the foremost step in becoming an effective teacher is to render effective information in an efficient way to the children. So, for this, we have to first love the kids whom we are going to teach. A teacher should always be dear to the children they teach. Only then can the teacher teach and the students understand what the content is being taught. So the teaching only gets transferred when it is taught with love and affection towards those who are being taught.

The teacher needs to have a thorough knowledge of the subject or the topic they teach. The teacher should always keep themselves updated in the subject they teach. Only an updated teacher can cater to the rising needs of the modern children and the new age teaching requirements. The teacher should keep good knowledge about the curriculum and mould their teaching techniques according to the needs of the challenging curriculum of the present education system.

Analyze and find innovative methods to teach the children through activities

We have already discussed that the teacher should keep themselves updated about the changing needs of the children and the society. The teacher should do this so that the child may have the latest information at hand about the environment they live in. To function in this way, the teacher needs to have a perfect outlook of the curriculum. This curriculum helps the teacher to become more innovative and use activities for teaching children in the class. The teacher can use different methods and mediums to teach the children through activities. ICT or the use of technology has emerged as a major part this field. The technology used in the class helps to gain the attention of the children and get them involved in studies. The whole process certainly requires the teacher to have a thorough knowledge of his subject.

Continuous Assessment and Continuous evaluation to meet the needs of the children

The teachers who are a part of the system and the curriculum also need to assess the improvisation of each child in the class. This can be done with the help of consistent assessment procedures conducted by the teacher. Earlier we had only one kind of assessment procedure which was taken in the form of annual exams which seemed burdensome to children, but now we have different assessment techniques to attract the children and take the exams wholeheartedly. Some of the assessment techniques used are role plays, seminars, and even experiments. Such continuous and constant assessments help the child, teacher as well as parent to understand where the child stands and how he can be groomed further.

The teacher should be able to understand each child that he or she is in charge of. Each child should be given individual attention. And so, the teacher should be careful about the requirement of each child. The need of every child differs. For example, a child who is gifted in speaking may not be equally good in writing. So, a teacher should understand this and act accordingly.

Courtesy of: Tutoring Guide.

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