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How to Increase App Rankings & Downloads through App Store Optimization

Do you have an app present on App Stores, or about to launch one? Have you ever thought how would your app compete among million other apps? Do you think your app will be visible instantly as soon as it launched on App Stores?

Enterprise-App-DevelopmentThe above questions might seem different, but the answer is one – “App Store Optimization”. A systematic process of optimizing your app on App Stores, not just improves rankings but even the number of downloads. Higher rank means more people seeing your app, resulting in more traffic and in turn downloads.

Factors responsible for determining rankings

How can you decide what rank your app stands inside the App Store? Well, let us find out.

  • Reviews & Ratings – With good number of positive feedbacks coming from a crowd of people, has a big impact on the app ranking. Especially, when positive reviews are accompanied with high ratings as well, then your app gets a natural boost in terms of popularity.
  • Number of downloads – App Downloads tell users regarding how many people have actually downloaded the app. Hence, users will be more interested in downloading apps that already has many downloads.
  • Relevance of keywords – Right keywords present in your app title or description, help users to find your app with ease, and you can even ensure with your keywords that only relevant audience finds your app.
  • Overall revenue generation – It goes without saying that both Apple and Google give more preferences to apps that have nice revenue generated in record time. More revenue directly implies that loads of people have successfully downloaded your app.
  • Regional presence – If your app performs well in possibly every geographical region, then it greatly influences the impact of the app in global perspective.
  • Generation of quality back links – After creating an app, if you are able to successfully promote the app as well leading to quality links generation, then you have relevant pages pointing to your app greatly improving ap rankings.
  • Social media presence – This is another important criterion in determining where your app stands. If people are talking about your app extensively on social media, your app is definitely offering something. This works well in case of Android especially. A decent number of likes, comments, follows, and shares, greatly enhance the rankings.
  • Starting the app again – Just a download is simply not enough. It is even more important to see, how many times users download it again. Even more, until the time the app is being used. Hence, recording of start and stop time each time also plays a decisive role in rankings.
  • App Retention Rate – Retention rate refers to the timeline wherein users stick with your app without uninstalling it. If your app is targeted towards right audience with right title, description, keywords, and more importantly usability, then your app will surely enjoy a high retention rate.

App Discovery Report Analytics

As per a study conducted by Forrester, general browsing is the major source of finding out relevant apps online. Around 58% of Android users & 63% of iOS users are the proofs for that. This says all about how important App Store Optimization is. Approximately 40% of Android users & 50% of iOS users, learn about the apps through recommendations from friends or family. Another 25% of Android users & 30% of iOS users get to know about the app through top rated or popular sections. These statistics also mean that direct advertisements have very less role to play in getting app downloads.

Increasing Application Downloads

After following above strategies, your app is now ready to be discovered on App Store. However, still not getting anticipated downloads? There are ways in which you can do so.

  • Press Release (PR) sites – Write an informative and attractive press release related to your app. After then, it would be wise to publish the same on traffic sites like PRlog having high authority on web.
  • App Review sites – Let experienced bloggers or app reviewers do a review of your app and publish the same on their blogs. This is a fantastic way to get targeted audience, as your app will feature on high-ranking blogs without doing much work. It would be even more impressive if they recommend your app to their readers or subscribers. This will result in significant downloads boosting the performance.
  • Social Networking sites – Today social media is everything. People may or may not be present elsewhere, but they will certainly show their footprint on social media. Sharing your app stories all across social networking sites will let users be compelled to like, comment, follow, or share the same.
  • Technology News sites – News sites cater to millions everyday with latest happenings or breaking news across the globe. Getting your app featured on such technology based news sites can change things dramatically.
  • Influential Bloggers sites – Introducing your app in front of highly influential people or bloggers belonging to your field can certainly make a big difference, if your app has great potential. If they like it, they will certainly recommend their followers, who will in turn tell others, and so the chain will move.
  • Blogging – Write a blog post pointing to your app on your own website. When people visit this blog, they will be introduced to your app as well as to your site simultaneously. Make this post viral through social networking, so that your followers can help you in spreading the word across people present on social media.
  • Guest Blogging sites – Guest blogging is an evergreen trend that still has a long way to go. Writing interesting posts that are highly informative, and sharing the same on top ranked guest blogging sites will help you in escalating quality back links greatly. Do not be over promotional and place appropriate call to actions.
  • Document Submission sites – Create a nice interactive presentation about your app or a detailed PDF file like a manual. Share the same on top ranked sites such as SlideShare or Scribd to be seen by millions of people every month. Inserting back links is vital when you do this to get quality back links in return. A brief story screaming out the details will help escalate your app brand.

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Jennifer Brown is a software developer at Digital Infoware Pvt. Ltd., an IT company with expertise in mobile application development services, delivering high-end user friendly apps development solutions. She feels glad to share her experience through informative and enlightening articles.

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