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Improve User Retention with Mobile App Personalization

User retention is one of the most important factors for brands of all types, especially mobile apps. User retention is the number of users who continue to use your app over a given period. It is a valuable metric for gauging the effectiveness and user-friendliness of mobile apps and is used to determine how well users are engaged within the app after downloading.

One fool-proof way to consistently power user engagement, conversions, and retention at scale is by including a robust mobile app personalization in your mobile marketing strategy. It will boost user engagement and increase user retention.

What is Mobile App Personalization?

Mobile app personalization is building a mobile app with screens and experiences using user-specific data. Personalization is extra dynamic and is all about modifying the app experience to meet the needs of a particular user. It is different from Customization and helps you stand out from the competition and build loyal customers.

Customization is all the activity that is done by the user and on the other hand Personalization is all the activity that is done for the user. Customization allows users to control their interaction and each user can get exactly what they want by making their selections. In Personalization, It provides content material and capability that suits precise personal choices or interests, without an attempt from the users. Netflix is the best example of Personalization as It gives recommendations based on a user’s viewing history and the behavior of similar users.

Mobile App Personalization Methods

Personalization will help you get that attention from users and retain them more effectively. You can create personalized experiences for your users in numerous ways like push notifications, recommendations, suggestions, tips, discounts, special offers, etc. Let’s checkout.

Strong User Data

For creating strong and effective Personalization, you need to capture the right user data like users’ in-app behaviors, actions, inactions, and responses across channels and platforms. Having a complete set of these data including age, gender, interests, profession, location, preferences, likes, and dislikes, purchase history, and app activity is the foundation of effective personalization. By integrating data across your app, you can create strong customer profiles for segmentation and targeting.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the handiest methods to give a personalized user experience, incentivize re-engagement with mobile apps and drive retention. The personalized message with the user’s name and user-specific information gives it a human touch and builds strong customer relationships. Users will get more excited and interested to see personalized push messages customized for them which increase user retention rate.

Onboarding Experience

Mobile onboarding is your first hazard to make an excellent impact on your users. If you create a good onboarding experience and if your users feel that the process is specifically designed for them then they’re more likely to remain engaged. You can greet your customers by their first names and design offers that meet their likes and interests. A great onboarding experience brings more downloads, positive reviews, and higher engagement.

Personalized Search Experience

Personalizing the search experience helps users to experience smooth navigation, and save their time and the path from product discovery to purchase. Every search action taken by specific users tells you about their instant needs, wants, choices, and preferences. If you are in the e-commerce industry, you can start giving the most relevant product recommendations according to their search history.

Location-based App Personalization

Using a customer’s location, you can send highly personalized messages through in-app messages, and mobile push notifications based on the context of a customer. You can notify them about running offers, discounts, and special events whenever they are close to your store and encourage them to visit the store.

To make your app successful and establish a strong connection with users, mobile app personalization is significant. If you want to increase engagement, user retention, and experience then add personalization to your business app. If you’re ready to take the next step, Contact Swayam Infotech for your next mobile app development project and schedule a meeting for a detailed discussion. We offer a range of services specifically designed to help you drive greater success from your mobile app.

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