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Important Skills that Every ReactJS Developer Must Have

Nowadays, there is a significant demand for ReactJS developers. But what abilities do they require? Here is a list of the top 10 skills you should seek when hiring a ReactJS developer.

Business operations are no longer conducted in the same manner as before. Businesses across the globe have started to use software platforms & web applications to manage their databases and carry out several activities. And this has boosted the demand for web developers in the IT industry.

React.js is currently one of the most sought-after front-end development technologies. This free and open-source JavaScript front-end library enables users to create sophisticated user interfaces and UI elements. ReactJS web developers assist their clients in creating mobile and single-page applications depending on their requirements and preferences.

If you are looking to hire ReactJS developers for your company, here are 10 of the most crucial qualities to look for:

Top 10 Essential Skills Required for ReactJS Developer


Every ReactJS developer should proficiently create intuitive user interfaces and user experiences for websites and web applications using HTML code and CSS scripts. The following HTML and CSS abilities are required of React developers:

  • Creating and deploying semantic HTML tags and CSS selectors.
  • Executing a CSS reset
  • Knowledge of the box model and how to reset the border box.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of flexbox.
  • Understanding of the principles required to create responsive web designs.
  • Implementing media queries correctly in app development.


It’s not possible to use HTML correctly when developing React-based websites. As an alternative, the developer must deal with JSX, one of the most important components of the React ecosystem. A proficient knowledge of JSX is essential for the ideal React web developer. A developer who is proficient in CSS and HTML is likely to feel at ease using JSX.

JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

A React developer’s skills must be supplemented by a firm grasp of ES6 (ECMAScript 2015 or ECMAScript 6) and the fundamentals of JavaScript. This more recent version of JavaScript allows a developer to create and manage web applications per your needs.

The most in-demand React JS developer ES6 talents are scope variables, array methods, arrow functions, DOM manipulation, event handling, high-order functions, call-back functions, the “this” keyword, etc. The ES6 language is a progression of JavaScript. And as such is considered one of the most important questions to ask when hiring a ReactJS developer.


Git is undoubtedly the most widely used toolset among app developers of all levels and specialties.

Working with the Git repositories is crucial for sharing code and other components with other developers because React is a powerful JavaScript library with reusable components. Git is a platform that allows React developers to upload and update web app projects on different coding sites, including GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket.

Developers can carry out various tasks using this toolkit, such as merging various strategies, addressing disputes, pushing and pulling code changes, etc. Some essential Git competencies for React developers are the ones listed below:

  • Combining tactics and correctly branching them.
  • Addressing disputes by merging.
  • Using comments to track changes.

Node + NPM

You may be perplexed as to why expertise in Node is necessary for React client-side development.

It’s because, even though developers can use React in any HTML document, there will probably be many different packages that let you expand the React library. Software developers can obtain the tools they need to build software by visiting the npm registry. Npm is merely a cloud storage service for the packages we call dependencies, which may sound unusual.

The MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack is a nice illustration of a full-stack environment where React handles front-end development and Node handles the back-end. It’s also worth noting that developers can run React code directly in the Node environment, which increases their interoperability.


One of the most problematic aspects of ReactJS programming is asynchronous state updates. And for this reason, knowledge of Redux and proficiency with it are among the most essential abilities for ReactJS developers.

Redux is an integrated state that gives developers control and preservation over the React library. Developers utilize it for state management via the perspective of scalability. Redux enables the developer to create apps that act consistently, are simple to test, and perform effectively in many situations by incorporating the concepts of functional programming and immutability.

Fetch Data from Both GraphQL & Rest APIs

ReactJS is a front-end development framework developers utilize to retrieve data from the back end while creating online applications. The most common approach is to use a REST API to retrieve data from the back end.

However, GraphQL is the most recent approach to retrieving data from the back end. Having this ability will be extremely beneficial to your ReactJS developers.

Last but not least, ReactJS developers need to have practical experience in creating JS apps and deploying them to the cloud.

Exceptionally Good at Communication

React JS engineers must be able to communicate technical concepts in a way that other team members and clients can understand. As everyone on the team may be working on the same project, everyone must know what the other team member is attempting to say.


The developer’s approach to problem-solving is influenced by their logical reasoning, understanding, and thinking. Moreover, the project’s success is determined by how developers move from recognizing the issue to postulating a fix. Therefore, problem-solving skills are essential for a ReactJS developer to get through obstacles at work, like working with teammates on projects or meeting deadlines.

Ability to Be a Good Team Player

ReactJS developers are not lone wolves out in the wilderness. They need to work in a team.  Even the most independent people with perfect full-stack React developer skills must collaborate with other team members like the product owner, tester, designer, etc.

Therefore, they must project a personality that enables them to get along with others and contribute to the team. After all, if they cannot function as a team, all of their technical expertise and knowledge are useless.


You must have discovered from reading this article that the React developers you choose have a strong technical understanding of ReactJS, JavaScript, and the Node NPM registry, which will simplify the selection process.

Furthermore, years of work experience will be beneficial. You should also check to determine if your prospective developers have soft skills in addition to using these barometers to gauge all other react developer skills.

So, the next time you’re looking for a set of React JS developer talents, be sure to consider all of the React developer skills listed above.


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Dharati Thakkar is a skilled PHP developer at Windzoon Technologies, an award-winning PHP Development Company in India. She has more than 8+ years of experience in web development. Dharati Thakkar is also an expert in Laravel and some other PHP frameworks, and she enjoys blogging about them.

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