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Important Features You Should Add to Your eCommerce Store

ECommerce is the way of the future of retail business. Every business is moving toward eCommerce at a furious pace. For an eCommerce platform to be successful, it should have easy navigation and user-friendly features.

If you run an online store and want to boost user interaction, you should add more features to boost sales with user-friendly functionality. eCommerce platforms with leading technology can help you with scalability and Magneto development agency UK is the frontrunner with quality solutions.

Top features in an eCommerce Store

Here are some of the top features that make a digital store successful.

User-friendly Navigation

User experience on the eCommerce platform is what drives conversion and increases sales. If a site is tough to navigate and users have a tough time reaching their favourite item, they would probably jump away.

With UI UX, it is possible to keep user engagement on the platform. You can add a search bar and navigation bar that lists categories. With a high-quality homepage and quick navigation, high sales can be achieved.

User Reviews and Ratings

User reviews help users find products with reliability and encourage them to trust the products they purchase. Consumers rely extensively on reviews and ratings from other customers to authenticate the information supplied by brands.

You should make sure your store has ratings and review options for every user. Make sure that these evaluations based on past orders and ratings are prominently shown on the website.

Extensive Product Information

Every product should have additional and detailed information about the product. It helps users read the whole information and make the purchase with confidence.

You should include product descriptions that provide information on size, material, colour, ingredients, and location of origin on your product pages. Offer top-notch product images that showcase the item from all sides.

Multiple Payment Options

Adding more payment options will make checkout easier and more convenient for users. The number of placed orders can be increased by including a variety of online payment options in the shopping cart.

Add additional payment options in addition to providing debit and credit card choices. You can use pay later and cash on delivery features to convert more.

Footer Navigation

Footers on any website are very helpful in letting users know about every section of the eCommerce platform. You can consider providing a list of the top goods, services, and knowledge that can help customers access every part of the platform.

You can use the footer to navigate users to your social media pages, and highlight products, sales plans, customer service, and business contact details. A strong footer can increase the experience of a user by a margin.

Return and Refund policy

You can provide ample return, replacement, and refund options if you want to improve and win client confidence with every item in your collection. This feature enhances reliability and guarantees users a high-quality, genuine product.

It’s also needed to make sure your website communicates your exchange and refund procedures. They can be included in the header or bottom of the website or on the checkout and cart pages.

FAQ section

Add FAQ section to easily resolve common queries of users without any customer support hassle. It saves time for users and increases user interaction.

Brands must create an easy-to-find and even easier-to-navigate FAQ area to create a smooth purchasing experience. You can use the why, when, and where of FAQs to improve user experience across your eStore for easy navigation and to solve regular queries.

Live Tracking of Orders

Add features like live tracking to your platform to maintain users with live updates. It gives users real-time updates on their orders and increases transparency.

It is an excellent strategy to keep customers engaged throughout the order cycle. It reduces the post-order stress for you with simple visibility at all order stages, including confirmation, packing, despatched, out for delivery, etc.

Pushing Notification

Push notifications can increase user interaction. Based on user behaviour data, you can send custom notifications based on events and sales.

Web push notifications are a simple-to-integrate feature that might provide brands with a wealth of chances for customer engagement. You can use push notifications to promote new products, remind users about carts, give delivery information, etc.

Chatbots and Support

You can build better relationships with the audience with chatbots with AI technology. With this, you can ensure a response to customers all the time without any active involvement from the customer support team.

You should provide customer support 24/7, and for small businesses, chatbots are cost-effective and helpful in solving basic user queries. Help your customer with products and make the entire journey of the buying process easy with chatbot and customer support.

Coupons and Discounts

Coupons, promos, and discounts on any product create FOMO in users and attract them to buy from your store. This feature should be integrated into your shopping platform to improve the checkout process and increase order volume.

When customers get products at lower rates, the chances of conversion increase. You can offer customised coupons for special treatment to users and give them a unique experience on your platform.

Filters and Sorting Options

Users want it all easy. With a simplified search and easy navigation, you should offer multiple features and sorting options to find the desired items within their budget. Using relevant searches like price filters and size filters can be very helpful for users to get their desired item.

Let your customers use a filter to sort products based on whether they are available for pickup, same-day delivery, shipping, etc. Based on quick availability, this gives you the best chance to convert customers.

Social Media Integration

Add social media integration at the footer or header of the eCommerce platform. It is an excellent strategy for businesses to gain the trust of consumers and create a community.

Adding credibility to the brand and motivating future customers to share their experiences is beneficial. You can use social media integration features to increase brand value and interaction.

Multilingual Support

One important feature to attract users to your eCommerce store is to locate your targeted customer base. With this, you can add the language that you prefer and create your platform according to that.

You can create different language-specific versions of your website. Give your users the freedom to switch between languages and grow in the digital commerce world.

Strong User Dashboard

Give your users a strong dashboard with easy functioning and navigation for smooth processing. With an interactive dashboard for administration featuring graphs and statistics, a great user experience can be achieved.

Give your users reports and simplified features for managing their order history, lifetime investing, per month investing, etc. it increases user retention and helps your overall sales channel.

What Features to Look For Before Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

Everyone starts an eCommerce business with the goal of its long-term viability and success. You should pick the one with the best characteristics after examining what they have to offer.

User convenience and experience should be kept in mind before eCommerce business. Give amazing navigation and purchasing experience to your users on your eStore and increase sales and revenue.

It only requires paying attention to client feedback and keeping an eye on your competition to spot any emerging e-commerce trends. For your reference, Shopify and Magento are some of the leading names in the eCommerce business. A certified Shopify agency UK can help you ease the process of selecting the best option for your business.

You don’t have to utilise every new feature that your eCommerce platform has to offer. You should look at what your competitors are using and what your customers expect.

For a successful eCommerce platform, user experience should always be given top attention.

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