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The Importance of Network Analytics in Enhancing the ‎Services of Network Service Providers

The exponential increase in the number of smart devices in use nowadays usually puts a strain on the capacity of network service providers to deliver better and more efficient services to their network subscribers. Moreover, the increasing demand, on the part of mobile users, for better and efficient services place network providers in a problematic situation of how they can innovate and enhance the services that they provide their mobile subscribers. This two-pronged problem is often solved by network providers by simply availing of the services of managed service providers.

What Services Do Managed Service Providers Provide?

Since the data that most network service providers usually have generally consist only of CRM data and billing data, they are often at a loss as to how they can leverage their existing data plans and services. They often need the help of managed security service providers that can enable them to gain access to useful actionable analytics and mobile network analytics. The world is already a data-driven world wherein businesses can readily gain access to huge amount of data regarding their businesses, via the use powerful microprocessors and management software. Actionable Analytics, therefore, is not a farfetched idea for mobile service providers to acquire, for, with the services provided by managed service providers, mobile networks can readily have data analytics that would allow them to make better decisions, have better services, and have a better understanding of their networks. Mobile Network Analytics, likewise can enable network service providers to have better insights into the behavior of each of their network subscribers. In this way, they can readily personalize and individualize the plan that they provide each of their subscribers.

Aside from actionable analytics provided by managed service providers, network service providers can likewise avail of managed security services from these service providing companies. The security services provided by MSSPs can ensure mobile service providers that their networks are secured and have round-the-clock security monitoring and protection.

 The Importance of Data Analytics and Actionable Network Analytics

The creation of highly personalized and individualized data plan is only possible if network providers can mine huge data about the behavior of their subscribers. They can surely deliver quality data usage experience if they have access to actionable analytics. Network Analytics can readily examine each subscriber’s behavior. Using network analytics, they can know which are the favorite applications of each subscriber, how often they go online, how much videos they usually download and consume, and the different devices that they generally prefer. With network data on the behavior of each subscriber, network providers can likewise create highly-targeted service plans that involve special rates for each subscriber. Moreover, network service providers can readily implement charging models that perfectly reflect how each subscriber makes use of his or her plan. These insights on the behavior of subscribers were previously not available. However, with more advanced microprocessors and management software, it is possible nowadays to exactly understand how each of the mobile subscribers behaves while using his/her data services.

These network analytics also provide built-in dashboards that can readily allow network managers to understand the granularity that would help them segment their subscribers. Raw data can become insightful data once network service providers can turn these raw data into precious and actionable analytics.

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