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Impact of AWS on Cloud Jobs

Today, technology plays a crucial role in any business. It does not matter if the company is a retail outlet or an IT organization; technology has come to the backbone of all organizations. Information is the key today, and the continuous demand for having the right information at the right time has resulted in a revolutionary concept called “cloud computing.”

This concept has completely changed the way businesses are run. Today, the market is flooded with many data center providers who are competing fiercely in the cloud. However, few players stand out from the rest, such as Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Google Cloud.

It is anticipated that in the next 5 to 10 years, cloud computing will have a tremendous impact on IT jobs. People who will adopt cloud computing will not be losing their jobs but will undergo a transition into a different profile. Cloud computing will be responsible for the creation of new job positions in the industry, globally. Cloud computing will have a drastic impact on the following sectors.

  • Marketing Companies
  • IT Industry
  • Online Entertainment
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Finance and Banking
  • Telecommunication
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Security Protection
  • Start-Up Businesses

Declining IT Jobs

As organizations move towards cloud network, there will be a reduction in the demand for certain jobs across the board, such as:

System Administrators and Database Administrators

The advantage of the cloud platform is that it can be managed remotely. Hence, the role of in-house system administrator and database administrator will become redundant

Help Desk Support

Along with system admin profiles, the role of helpdesk support will also diminish over a period of time. Cloud models have remote support, and in some cases, they come with chatbot based support mechanisms.

IT Jobs in high demand

Project Managers

Role of project manager will evolve, and they will be more focused on ensuring the execution of projects using cloud technologies


This profile will play a critical role as they will be responsible for bringing in their functional knowhow and the technical understanding of cloud computing, making them a compelling set of people.

Service Providers

There will always be a continuous demand of these players because even if it is a cloud-based system, it needs to be built, maintained and updated periodically


A software developer will always be in demand because he or she will be required to make applications around the core cloud platform

According to a report published by IDC, the average spends on cloud computing will reach $500 billion by the year 2023, which will be almost twice the current spend as in 2019 (around $229 billion). Investments in the public cloud will be around the following areas:

  • B2C or consumer services
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional services

From a monetary perspective, a career in the public cloud is very lucrative. However, if anyone is stuck in their IT career and is looking for a direction, then AWS is the right path to tread on.

Why AWS?

No 1 Cloud Platforms

The moment we mention the public cloud, the only name that leads the list is Amazon Web Services (AWS). To be more specific, AWS is the market leader when it comes to the IaaS platform (Infrastructure as a Service). Moreover, if you look at areas over and above the IaaS domain, AWS has shown exponential growth. This is knowing the fact that IaaS is just less than half of the global market coverage.

Fast Growing Platform

AWS was an early entrant in the cloud space, as early as 2006. If we talk about edge over the competition, AWS has had a head start of over 7 years. It leveraged this and became the fastest growing cloud platform.

Demand-Supply Imbalance in Job Market

Currently, there are more job opportunities in the market and very job seekers. Organizations are finding it very difficult to get qualified and skilled professionals in this space.

Cloud Proficiency a mandate for IT professionals

If we look at today’s cloud computing market, artificial intelligence and machine learning are spearheading the cloud computing initiative. Moreover, it is being observed that more than 50% of IT professionals have an inclination towards AWS.  AWS, as a platform, is quite popular among large and small enterprises. Hence, IT professionals must learn this platform as it will help them in getting a better and secure career option.

Learning AWS

Since the reasons, as mentioned above, are sufficient to take AWS as the next career option, it is important to know the skills and certifications that are needed to enhance yourself in this domain. As an IT professional, you need to ensure the following are taken care of so that you can learn AWS and build your career.

  • Select resources effectively
  • Get certified by AWS
  • Select the right path as per your role or the solution that you want to pursue

Certifications in AWS

AWS training and certification has become very popular among professionals in the past decade, thanks to the exponential growth of the technology. AWS Certifications can be categorized into 4 types such as Foundational, Associate, Professional&Specialty.

Foundation Certification

Here you get certified as AWS Cloud Practitioner- Foundational. Through this course, you get a fundamental understanding of how AWS operates.

Associate Certification

Here are three categories of certifications, such as:

  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate

In this course, you do a deep dive into AWS architecture, operations, and development scenarios

Professional Certification

  • AWS Solutions Architect – Professional
  • AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional

In this course, you get an in-depth knowledge of AWS architecture and engineering

Specialty Certification

Advanced Networking – Specialty

  • Security – Specialty
  • Big Data – Specialty

This course covers advanced courses and understanding of specialized areas of AWS.

To summarize, AWS has had a significant impact on the overall cloud computing market, and today IT professionals realize that cloud is the future. However, it may sound very attractive, and they must know that this path requires constant innovation, and professionals need to be abreast with the latest development in the AWS space. This is going to be a lucrative career option as an average salary of an AWS certified professional in the US will be around USD 105,000 per annum.

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