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HTC Launches its Exodus 1S Cryptophone

Tech company HTC has introduced a brand new cryptophone to the market, hailing it as the first smartphone to support the running of a full Bitcoin node. The Exodus 1S is a secure storage device for handling cryptocurrency payments, which also offers full smartphone capabilities – and all at a very reasonable price, too! This powerful little phone is sure to appeal to those dealing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.

A Bitcoin node at your fingertips

This could well be the very first smartphone to make Bitcoin fully mobile. Makers HTC have taken their Exodus 1 model and given it a full crypto-ready makeover. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor supports Bitcoin node operation, turning the device into a portable cryptocurrency wallet that can handle all your transactions on the go.

From shopping online to paying for services, you can confirm and validate Bitcoin transactions straight from your 1S. The phone is ideal for receiving payments in Bitcoin too, and for storing your coins in one safe and secure place which only you can access. You could even try multiplying your Bitcoins at one of the UK’s many crypto-casinos: check out The CasinoDB for a list of reputable gaming sites.

Bitcoin security

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular as an alternative form of currency, largely due to the privacy it affords to users. Transactions are recorded to the blockchain ledger, which the 1S software supports, rather than being linked to any account or card. However, it does carry some security risks – and there is no real protection for stolen coins. Hackers often target digital wallets in order to steal Bitcoins.

The Exodus 1S aims to bridge this security gap with a number of safety features. All security keys are protected by the Trusted Execution Environment, which isolates the operating system from the network connection while transactions are validated. This hardcore anti-hack technology affords even more protection than a PC, suspending any connection that could otherwise be targeted by criminals.

Take a look inside the 1S

Not only does the 1S support Bitcoin and provide secure storage, but it is also a nifty little smartphone for everyday use. With a 5.7 inch screen and 13 MP camera, plus 64GB of internal storage, the phone doesn’t compromise on functionality. It runs on the Android Oreo 8.1 operating system, backed by an impressive 4GB of RAM.

Exodus 1S drawbacks

This is certainly an ambitious device and the first of its kind – which means there are still some flaws to be ironed out. The powerful processor will quickly drain the battery when handling Bitcoin transactions, so the manufacturer advises plugging the phone into the MicroUSB charger to prevent power loss. Plus, the process could eat into a data plan, so users should rely on Wifi connections rather than relying on the 4G – even with a VPN installed. The security technology will keep Wifi transactions safe and secure.

Though the 1S can confirm and validate transactions, and store coins, it does not have the processing power or software system to manage Bitcoin mining. Only coins purchased or traded can be added to the wallet; no new coins can be found and stored.

Price point

The smartphone markets at around £185 (€219), which is significantly cheaper than the previous Exodus 1. This reasonable price point should attract even casual Bitcoin users. Payment can even be made in cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Binance coin all accepted. However, there is the extra cost of an SD card to consider. Extra storage is not included but is necessary to install and run the Bitcoin ledger. Buyers will need at least 400GB of extra space.

Exodus 1S summary

Whether you are a regular user of Bitcoin or you just want to improve digital security for your coin balance, the Exodus 1S is an intriguing little device that helps you manage and make use of your cryptocurrency. It is also an attractive and reliable smartphone that is both affordable and capable. Though it still has a few issues to work out, HTC have certainly found a way to make crypto more mobile; and this innovation might just inspire a wave of similar devices across the tech market in the near future.

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