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How to Wear a Stylish Fascinator Hat

Hats are a great way to make a fashion statement. A hat can draw attention to the wearer’s large eyes and thick hair. Hats are also a wonderful way to make a fabulous fashion statement. Many types of hats are available. One of the most common is what is known as a fascinator.

Fascinators have come to the public’s eye in recent years because many members of the royal family have chosen to wear them. People like Princess Beatrice have shown the many wonderful possibilities of this enduring form of headgear.

Many modern women want to buy fascinators. They find the traditional use of bright colors, creative shapes and elegant materials highly appealing.

Buying a fascinator can be an occasion of great fun. Part of the experience of buying these types of hats is understanding exactly how to wear them properly.

Fixing it to the Head

Part of wearing the fascinator properly is understanding how to keep it in place. The goal is to frame the face and show off the fascinator’s many delightful details.

In order to facilitate this process, many designers have provided the wearer with a clip that attaches to the side of the head. There may also be a band that keeps the fascinator in place that is designed to be worn along the head.

Keep in mind that the fascinator is traditionally tilted to one side. The fascinator is not worn in the back of the head. Wearing it correctly means fastening it to the side and making sure that it stays in place as the person heads out. The hat should not shift as the person walks.

The Hair Style

Wearing a fascinator correctly means paying close attention to the wearer’s hair. For a simple fascinator with little detail in a subdued color, a playful hair style with lots of details can work well. The details of the hair style and the fascinator should work together to create a coherent look.

On the other hand, a fascinator with more vivid details needs a very simple hair style. In that case, a simple chignon or even a ponytail is probably best.

This type of hair style lets the fascinator stand out and calls attention to it rather than to the person’s hair.

Creating a Whole Look

The goal should be to create an entire look from head to toe. The event where the fascinator is worn should be kept in mind. Events that allow people to mingle such as a cocktail party are a good place to wear one.

In contrast, places that may require seating such as ballet performance may not be right. Think about the use of color and material. If you have an eye catching fascinator, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple.

Consider a dress in with few details in the same color scheme. Shoes and other accessories should also be kept to the same theme.

For example, if you are wearing a brightly colored fascinator in a jewel tone, keep your dress, shoes and handbag to the same jewel tone. You’ll look utterly put together and feel truly happy and confident.

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