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How To Turn Mobility Challenges Into Opportunities


In the rapidly evolving business sphere; enterprise mobility management provides a one stop solution!

Be it quick mobilization of your teams, making the team more productive or the pressing need to make optimum utilization of the customer opportunities, business organizations are increasingly opting for an effective enterprise mobility strategy.

However, for many organizations leaping into enterprise mobility becomes an extremely daunting task. Even for those who have already gone the enterprise way find the path a little bumpy!

As it usually happens, with great challenges and changes come countless opportunities, which can be effectively used to take your business on a whole new level. Though at first the organization’s mobile future might look hazy and loaded with lot of complexities; with the proper strategy, right platform and technology partner, challenges in enterprise mobility can become seamless, and easy.

In this write-up, we shall take up and discuss some of the challenges and trends in enterprise mobility management and how it can be turned into an opportunity to reap maximum advantages.

Before we move further; one needs to get a fundamental thing clear – it is important to move from a device-centric to a people-centric approach.

The basic purpose is to connect across any device, irrespective of its form or OS, and help people become more productive and empowered; while keeping the governance and risk requirements in check.

Here are The Top Opportunities within Enterprise Mobility’s Greatest Challenges:

1. Empower the Productive Employees, On Their Terms (and Even on Their Devices)

With the consumerisation becoming a mega trend in the IT world BYOD or Bring your own device has become the new norm. The virtual borders and boundaries between work and leisure are increasingly fading out. In fact, the employees want an access to the corporate information regardless of their device or location, they also prefer an interface using which they can easily switch between work and free time computing contexts.

So, if providing tools requires to do the job, giving a free app quickly fixes, building a “shadow IT” situation where you may have little or no control over the work tools or the leakage of confidential data. If you have a strong BYOD policy or mobile devices for the employees, there are all the chances that nearly half of the people will have three devices in common, and that too not necessarily from their desks. This gives an opportunity to give more flexibility than ever before.

2. Consolidate, Unify and Streamline your Approach to Devices, Apps and Information

Measured against the old model of “work” happens only inside the four walls on a single, designated device; the mobile first, cloud-first concept certainly looks dauntingly complex. Supported by an enterprise mobility platform allows you to centrally manage and see the users – wherever they are, or on whatever device they are using – you can move away from trouble of managing multitude of devices across different platforms and operating systems.

All in all, challenges do not necessarily pull you down; they can be turned into opportunities and be used as a stepping stone to create something better!

Chirag Shivalker is one of those very few business writers with flair of social commentary through his technical writing at Hi-Tech Group. Decade long experience in technology writing and trend analysis has helped him evolve when it comes to technology and technological trends along with business writing. Technology in mind and words at will, Chirag is an all-rounder who has established his writing capabilities’ in multiple technology disciplines.

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Chirag Shivalker has been a highly-focused self-starter & is accustomed to fast pace, tight deadlines and multiple assignments. His diverse, professional and personal background & experience helps him understand the issues that challenge and drive, company’s talented writing and editing team members. His exceptional portfolio includes feature articles for trade and consumer publications, marketing collateral, press releases, and online content.

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