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How to Take Care of Georgette Sarees

Saree, the six yards of fabric is one of the most elegant outfits that Indian women have in their wardrobe. Be it festivals, wedding ceremonies, or special occasions, the saree remains an integral part of an Indian woman’s life. Indian sarees are available in various fabrics such as silk, georgette, net, velvet, chiffon, and more.

A georgette saree is quite popular among women for lending a flattering silhouette. A quality georgette saree is durable enough to last many years. We are giving a low down on how to take care of your georgette sarees.

Know The Fabric

Knowing what fabric your saree is made of is essential so that you can take care of it accordingly. When you know the material, it will be easier for you to understand how it will react to heat, perspiration, stains, and other factors. This way you will be able to take proper care of the saree.

Get Rid of Stains Right Away

You can stain your party wear saree when attending a special occasion, you might accidentally spill a drink or a food item may drop on your saree, leaving a stain. Even though you don’t have to stop what you are doing right away, you should make every effort to remove stains before they dry.

Before tackling any stain, it is crucial to be sure you know what you are doing. If water or chemical treatments are undertaken and have undesirable results, they frequently cannot be completely undone, so be careful.

Common things that are available at home like white vinegar, talcum powder, and mild detergent are frequently used to remove different types of stains. Check to see if any of these work, then use them as necessary. There are also stain removers made specifically for different types of fabrics. Having them handy at home will help you avoid going to the market immediately to buy them. If you are unable to find out a perfect solution, it’s better to seek an expert’s suggestion.

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Reduce Exposure to Sunlight

The molecular structure of textiles is harmed by prolonged sun exposure, causing colors to fade and become dull.

There will be some occasions or day events where you have to don a saree during the daytime. This you cannot avoid. But while you are not draping it, make sure the sunlight is not falling on it. Keep it in a dark area and if you are putting it outside to wear, protect it using another cloth to reduce exposure to light.

Don’t Use A Hanger

Experts recommend that a saree should be kept flat and in a cool, dry area. Since a saree is crafted using six yards or more fabric, hanging it for an extended period may cause harm to the fabric. It is better to lay it flat and when doing so, cover it with a cloth or bag that is moisture-resistant. Instead of a plastic saree bag use cotton or muslin cloth saree bag.

The greatest fears while keeping your saree for a long time are moisture or bug damage and accidental ripping. Refold the saree frequently to avoid significant creasing that may lead to tearing. When not in use for quite long, a saree might get damaged.

There is intricate embroidery on many sarees. A saree should be folded in such a way so that the needlework faces inward. The work will remain intact as it won’t cling to anything else in your closet.

Hope these tips will help you in keeping your georgette saree as new as possible!

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