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How to Stay Ahead in the Competitive Job Market in Delhi

As one of the most promising metro cities in terms of career growth, the capital of the Indian nation – New Delhi – continues to be the most sought-after locations among job aspirants. After all, the city has a world of opportunities for job seekers, with the most popular jobs in Delhi being that of programmers and software developers, marketing and retail supervisors, and HR executives and managers. Yet, with the current job market scenario and the stiff competition rising by the day, the job loss risk index is on the rise. This has created a sombre atmosphere, with employees terrified at the thought of being laid off out of the blue. Leaving aside the factors that are out of one’s control, here are a few things you can do to retain your job in Delhi –

First Things First, Do Your Job!

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is exactly what you’re getting paid for. To retain your current job in Delhi, be sincere and work diligently with your hands. Because, when it’s time to make layoff decisions, more often than not, the very first one to go is the slacker. So, make sure you’re productive at work.

Pretend Yourself to be the Part-Owner

By this, it is not meant that you start bossing your peers around. What it does mean is that pretending yourself to be part-owner of the company will help you understand your company’s values and big picture better. Moreover, it is this attitude towards it that will help you love your work and show sincere effort towards becoming better at what you do.

Remember Your Interdependence

No man is an island. At our core, humans are social beings and hence, are deeply dependent upon each other whether we realise it or not. The workplace is no exception to this fact. One of the key ways to retain your job in Delhi even in this era of stiff competition is to get along well with your employer as well as your colleagues. No, you need not resort to flattery but make sure you pitch in and give a helping hand when needed. If ever the time comes that your company needs to reduce overhead costs, you will be grateful to have done so.

Maintain Good Work Ethics

An employee that works hard but has no integrity will sabotage his own position. Do not be him! Small things like keeping your word, getting to work on time and in a presentable manner, taking responsibility for your actions, and maintaining a good attendance record can go a long way in helping you keep your job in Delhi, regardless of the competitive market.

Take Good Care of Yourself

It’s not uncommon for people to completely miss out on taking care of their own selves in the process of fulfilling their many roles. Perhaps, the most important thing in keeping a job in Delhi as well as keeping good interpersonal relationships is to take care of one’s physical and mental well-being. You cannot pour out of an empty vessel so, ensure that you eat well and nutritious food, get enough sleep, spend time on doing activities you enjoy, and give sufficient time to your loved ones. Shielding your physical and mental health will naturally have positive effects on your work.

The capital’s highly competitive job market can make job-seeking an overwhelming task. So, if you’re looking for a job in Delhi, look to reliable placement agencies such as Randstad India for finding the job of your dreams. With a legacy of over two decades, our team of experienced experts can certainly help you find the job you’re looking for!

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