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How To Shop Wisely For Business Technology

Although funding is a major necessity to launch your new business venture, it’s not the only necessity to keep business going smoothly.  Technological items such as computers, Ethernet items, printers, scanners and other major pieces of equipment are imminent for daily operations to properly commence. Shopping for these items takes patience, due diligence and perhaps some conventional wisdom to avoid costly mistakes while properly setting up your command center, per se.  These shopping tips will empower you to make sound judgment calls when visiting stores or online suppliers for your business tech goodies which will help to start or grow your business outfit.

High Price Doesn’t Always Equal Best Items

Just because you see extravagantly priced technology items doesn’t mean the perceived value will always match it.  Finding the equivocal value, warranty and price should be first on your shopping repertoire considering new start-up businesses have to be budget conscious yet receive several years’ worth of working equipment to avoid overbuying technology or even fretting over quick cash loans to get this equipment.  Always keep equal adherence to cost, value and warranty when shopping for your technological needs to keep your overall expenditures low because you’ll need software packages and other business technology necessities which cannot be purchased by refurbished means.

Don’t Fear Clipping Coupons

Never let anyone tell you clipping coupons isn’t manly or macho; overspending for computers, monitors and other peripherals is less manly than searching the newspapers for coupons, the internet for coupon codes, or even rubbing elbows with a buddy who works at Staples that can get you his/her employee discount.  No matter what ethical extremes you have to go to, make sure you at least make the attempt to save your business money by getting deals when available.  You could combine these deals with points you could receive through your business credit card to make the purchase even more worthwhile. Many tech companies offer excellent breaks for business technology shoppers because they know large volumes will be purchased.

Refurbished Isn’t A Bad Thing

In the minds of many tech geeks, refurbished equals potential long-term issues; this is perhaps further from the truth since the word ‘refurbish’ is simply ‘restore’ in dictionary terminology.  Refurbished items still carry warranties, have the same look and feel sans the same pricing.  Frugal business shoppers who have a keen eye for deals know that refurbished computers can serve many great purposes, especially if you buy refurbished servers or mainframes.  Some of the best refurbished items come from Dell, HP and even Gateway, so don’t fear buying these items from secondary sources.  Tiger Direct also has excellent deals on refurbs.


Group buying is another excellent means for businesses to get the technology they need, at the prices which even startups can afford. Shopping for tech goods doesn’t mean jumping on the bandwagon of having the biggest toys on the block, especially when starting your own business.  Adherence to cost, warranty and paying close attention to your bottom line will assist you in purchasing your business equipment while keeping both longevity and performance in mind during the process.

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Posted by Greg Henderson, an Internet Marketer and SEO Associate for a cell phone lookup site, and an find an email address site

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fran

    February 5, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    I agree that more money paid does not mean a better product or service. I found out that some of the more exspensive computers are not beter. one of the best computers for the cash is low cost compaq or hp. They are always in the top three for reliability. another way to save cash is to buy a recovery cd from manufactrer. this way if the computer has problem this can fix alot of problems for free after you buy the cd.

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