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How to Set Up a Video Wall for Your Business

Video walls are an amazing sight. Most find themselves mesmerized when they see a large screen with bright lights and interesting images even in the middle of a busy street. 

A video wall is a set of digital screens that are joined together to display a larger image. They are more than just large screens. They are designed to last even up to 10 years depending on the maintenance, climate, and weather conditions where it is set up. It is also designed to run 24/7 so you’ll likely find these in big cities that also operate round the clock. They also pop up in retail stores, restaurants, stadiums, security control rooms, and concert halls.

Years ago, video walls were simply large digital signage but today’s large, eye-catching displays are made up of smaller LCD or LED screens placed together. A video wall processor or hardware makes it possible to show a single display or different content at the same time. New video wall technology needs only the minimal – a PC, screen, and software. 

Uses of video wall

Video walls can be useful in different ways and in different settings. Compared to a printed ad, it has higher-quality content due to the high resolution. Content-type can easily be changed depending on what kind of audience is out there at that time of the day. If it’s business people or office workers out for lunch, the content shown can be targeted for that specific demographic.

Right now, the demand for video walls is growing and the market is expected to stay strong for several years. It’s been reported that the demand for video walls is driven by the number of applications being produced for the giant displays. 

It offers many opportunities to grow businesses when it’s combined with effective marketing strategies. It has the wow factor that can drive compelling content to create new customers and keep existing ones interested. It is a technology that’s helping to shape the digital signage industry.

They level the playing field between small, medium, or large businesses as the prices digital screens for video wall hardware. Just over 10 years ago, only large companies were able to use digital signage. With recent lower prices, video walls have made it accessible for start-ups and small businesses to use this technology.

How to set up a video wall for your business:

Video walls are made up of digital screens for video wall hardware, software, and a video wall processor. Displays can be LCD or LED. Each type provides different brightness, cost, reliability, and resolution.

The software integrates the display, processor, and the content. It allows the user or admin to select the content and show them on the display. This tool also adjusts the brightness, contrast, and scaling of the content.

The processor is the lesser-known component of a video wall. Its job is to ensure that each image that appears on the individual screens appears and moves seamlessly. It makes the individual images look unified and look like a single image from an ideal distance. 

Here are some tips to help you create an amazing video wall for your business.

Clarify your Goal for using a video wall

Get clear on what you want to achieve. Is it to educate your audience about your product or service? Is it to provide useful information to the general public or provide announcements? 

Understand the limitations and possibilities with the available space

Consider the space that you can occupy by the video wall. It could be a large arena, a small booth, an expo, or a trade show. This will determine the power requirement, size, brightness, and resolution of the video wall that you will rent or buy.
Video walls are not limited to a square or rectangular space. An irregular shaped space can be used to create a geometric display that can easily grab attention.

Create a Content Strategy

If you wish to display a high-resolution content or live streaming, you may need to use software that can provide the optimum display. If your intention is to interact with your audience, then getting a LED or LCD screen that has touchscreen capability is the way to go.

Develop a Visual Order

The message needs to be on the forefront – not in the middle or the end part. If it is a series of images or a short video ad, make sure that the main message appears at the beginning and also in the rest of the images. The message needs to be clear and it may be repeated to make it memorable.

The display should look unified

The video wall may be made up of multiple screens but it shouldn’t look that way. It should look well put together with little space in between to make it appear as one large screen from a viewing distance.  

Identify the environmental stressors

The location and environment in the area where you want to put up your video wall could affect your system. Extreme weather, changes in temperature, humidity, and air pressure can affect the lifespan of your display. Choose a video wall that can survive a long time under environmental stressors.

Make sure that it will have the necessary support plan

Just like any other equipment or tool it needs proper maintenance. It is an investment that you would want to be able to use for years. Choose a provider with a proven track record of good after-sales care. They should have knowledgeable personnel that can provide support 24/7.

Part of the appeal of video walls is its many interesting and innovative ways to showcase events, products, or services. A breathtaking video wall can draw in a huge audience and impress them enough to make a brand or product stick to their mind and provide great recall, enough to make them immediate fans or make a purchase. 

Many businesses are getting great results for using this amazing technology as it is a stunning way to deliver messages and impress customers.

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Holly Shaw is part of the content team at The Long Reach. Holly has worked in the health and safety industry since graduating from university. When not writing about health and safety practices, Holly can be found researching new travel locations.

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