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How To Set Daily Bing Backgrounds As Desktop Wallpapers

Do you visit bing everyday just to see their everyday changing background images? Well If I talk about myself than I am a big fan of bing images and everytime I see them I want to set it as my desktop wallpaper. After little bit of googling, now I have finally set daily bing backgrounds as my desktop wallpaper and this article is for peoples who are searching yet for same reason. To all those peoples, your search ends here! because after reading this tutorial, you will be having daily updated bing images as your desktop wallpaper.

Images which we see on bing are not any ordinary images, they are pictures captured by best photographers of world among them few are working for Discovery and National Geographic! Well it will be awesome if you will see those images as your desktop background every morning. I don’t know about other peoples but I am very lazy to change wallpaper of my laptop and for me it works like refreshment every morning. Not wasting much of your time, Let us begin with out tutorial.

Steps to – Set Daily Bing Backgrounds As Desktop Wallpapers

Let me first of all give you an overview of tasks which we are going to do in this tutorial. To get our task done, we will be downloading Bing Desktop Setup which is freely available on bing website. Afterwards we will be configuring it little and at the end of tutorial you will get daily changing bing backgrounds as your desktop’s wallpaper. Follow below given simple steps.

1) Go to Bing website here and download your copy of Bing Desktop. After download gets complete double click on setup file and follow instructions to install it on your PC or laptop.
2) After it gets install you will see window popping up as shown in image below. You can check checkboxes as per your wish but don’t forget to check the checkbox with text “ Make the Bing homepage image your desktop background ”. As I want only Bing Image as my wallpaper, I checked only that box and clicked on “Finish“.


3) As soon as you will click on Finish, you will not get bing image as your wallpaper but you will see Bing tray on your desktop which is shown in image below. You can directly search for anything on Bing from that tray on your desktop. Along with that it also has many useful tools like weather forecast, news, and also you can see what your friends are up to on facebook. If you think it as disturbing than you can also minimise or close that tray.


4) After messing up with Bing tray for few seconds, I saw my desktop background as bing daily image. Even If you don’t like that wallpaper than on top right corner you will see “i” icon, on hovering mouse on it, it will expand as shown in below given image. You can change image by clicking on refresh icon in that tray. You also get facebook sharing button and information of image in that tray.


If you feel that all this trays are disturbing in your work than you can go to bing icon in system tray, right click on it and click on close. It will keep you wallpaper as daily image of bing but it will close Bind Desktop App.
You can see in below given image, How beautiful my desktop looks after setting daily bing backgrounds as desktop wallpaper.


Give your PC or laptop a fresh touch of wallpaper every day with Bing daily images. If you face any problems doing this, feel free to ask me in comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends..

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