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How to Save Money on Heavy Truck Body Repairs in Calgary

As a truck owner in Calgary, heavy truck body repairs can be a significant expense. However, there are ways to manage and reduce these costs without compromising quality. This article will discuss practical tips to help you save money on heavy truck repair near Calgary.

1. Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Prevention is key when it comes to saving money on truck body repairs. By conducting regular maintenance and inspections, you can identify potential issues early on and address them before they turn into costly repairs. Schedule routine check-ups for your truck and keep a log of maintenance records to stay organized.

2. Choose the Right Repair Shop

Selecting the right repair shop can significantly affect the cost and quality of repairs. Look for a reputable repair shop in Calgary that specializes in heavy trucks. Check customer reviews and ask for recommendations from other truck owners to find a reliable and competent repair shop that offers competitive prices.

3. Get Multiple Quotes

Before committing to any repairs, obtaining multiple quotes from different repair shops is wise. This allows you to compare prices and services provided, ensuring you get the best value. Remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best, so consider factors such as reputation, experience, and warranties offered.

4. Consider Aftermarket Parts

Consider replacing truck body parts with aftermarket parts instead of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Aftermarket parts are often more affordable and can still provide the necessary functionality. However, research the quality and compatibility of the specific aftermarket parts you are considering to avoid any potential issues.

5. DIY Maintenance and Repairs

If you have the necessary skills and knowledge, consider performing specific maintenance and minor repairs independently. Simple tasks like changing oil, replacing filters, or fixing minor dents can be done by yourself, saving you money on labor costs. However, be cautious to undertake simple repairs only with your expertise, which may lead to further damage and higher costs in the long run.

6. Invest in Quality Parts and Accessories

While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper parts and accessories, investing in higher-quality options can save you money in the long term. Quality parts are more durable and can withstand the heavy demands of trucking, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Look for trusted brands and consult with experts to ensure you are making informed decisions.

7. Maintain a Safe Driving Style

Safe driving habits can help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your truck’s body. Avoid aggressive driving, excessive speeding, and overloading, as these factors can contribute to premature damage and the need for repairs. By maintaining a safe driving style, you can extend the lifespan of your truck’s body and reduce repair costs.


Saving money on heavy truck body repairs in Calgary is possible with proper maintenance, choosing the right repair shop, obtaining multiple quotes, considering aftermarket parts, performing DIY maintenance when appropriate, investing in quality parts, and maintaining a safe driving style. By implementing these tips, you can keep your truck in good condition while minimizing repair expenses.

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New West Truck Centres is a heavy truck dealer in Alberta representing Freightliner, Autocar and SportChassis. Our team members can assist customers with a wide range of heavy duty truck sales, parts sales, and repair/maintenance services in or near Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, and Medicine Hat.

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