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How to Rent a Laptop: 3 Steps

There are various reasons to rent a laptop – your own laptop might have broken down just before an important assignment; you might need to arrange a meeting in a different town and are unwilling to carry bulky equipment, and so on. In these situations, laptop renting companies are a savior. Read on to know how you can rent a laptop safely.

If you are on the move frequently on business and don’t like lugging a heavy laptop around, or you have to set up an urgent meeting in an outstation location, or you are a student who has been assigned an important project and your laptop broke down just the night before, laptop renting companies are there to you help you.


But before you take out your smartphone and frantically start looking for a laptop to rent on your search engine, halt a little, and read how you should be going about it.

1. Determine what you need: Your first action should be to determine what exactly you want to do and what you will need for that. There are several types of laptops, ranging from a basic model to a high end one like a MacBook Pro. Then there are various operating systems – the latest in Windows series is Windows 10 and Apple’s iOS X Yosemite. You might also need Internet connection. If you don’t have a handy data-card or WI-fi availability then you need to rent a router or data-card too.

2. Search for reliable sources: This is arguably the tough part. There might be people who will be looking out to dupe you into loaning out sub-standard products. To search for reliable sources, you can ask your friends or relatives for recommendations. If you don’t find any help, check out various sites to know the different products they are offering. Read their customer feedback sections – you’ll be able to filter out the not-so-good options.Also make sure to check the terms and conditions of any company or site. You can also contact them for more clarification.

3. Compare prices/value and make the deal: Always zero-in on at least two or three options so that if your first choice fails to show up somehow or the laptop you received by them doesn’t function well, you have another company to fall back on. Needless to say, your first priority should be the company that offers best value for money. To decide what your best choice would be, compare the specifications you need to the money you will pay.

You can also rent laptops just for using a better operating system and features. Latest operating systems can be costly to install and not worth it if you only have to use it for a short duration. However, if you plan a long-term usage then you will end up paying more in renting than buying.

There are a few more things to take care of. For instance, you have to make sure that you keep the product safe and return it in no different condition from what it was received in, or you might just end up spending a lot more than you bargained for.

Have you ever rented a laptop? Let us know your experience.

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I am Sarah Edwards, a blogger by profession. I have been writing business blogs for some of the start ups related to technology, society and entertainment industry. Graduated in Mass Communication and have more than three years of blogging experience.

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