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How To Remove Your Information From The Internet

Several websites are available online, selling your personal information without any threat. These sites illegally use your data, fueling the concept of cybercrimes. With these rising cybercrimes, individuals or organizations should take serious action to remove their personal information from the internet. It seems like an impossible challenge to tackle, but it’s not so. You have to go with the flow to remove data with patience. You’re landing in the right place if you have the same query.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you on how to remove your information from the internet. So, keep in touch with us.

How Can People Find Out What Personal Information About You Online?

Most individuals or organizations maintain their online privacy and secure their data online. When thinking about online privacy, they’re restricted to social media accounts. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but that’s not the case. They do not think about other privacy factors which are crucial for them. There are several websites available online that are illegally collecting your personal information through various resources.

Almost any website, tool, or app you’re using can steal your private information. Most organizations create a buyer persona, and you have to fill it up with personal data. In this regard, data brokers play a crucial role in it. They collect and sell your private data to organizations, marketers, businesses, or individuals in exchange for money. The scammers know how to utilize your information – this includes:

  • The most common factor is search engines, where they can easily collect your data, even your social media account details, and other information when you simply create your Google account. They can also collect data from search history.
  • Most of the public records are now easily available online, such as property records, court records, voter registration records, and business records as well.
  • Most users can also track their records online through news articles and publications.
  • People can also search your records via location if open, or you can add your location on different sites.

Note: You should be cautious while providing your information online so no one can steal it.

How Can You Remove Your Information From the Internet?

You can remove your information from the internet by adopting the following steps.

Remove Your Personal Information From Google

A simple Google search by your name can reveal more about you than you think. It even contains a copy of your handwritten signature, which can be awful. You can request Google to remove your information as soon as possible. So that your online presence could be restored.

Removing Your Information From Websites

Removing information from Google is not just a thing you should do. There are several websites too that contain your record. Reach out to those websites and request them via the “Contact Us” page to remove your data. It takes time, but you must review them continuously to see if your information is still pop-up.

Turn Off Your Location Services And Search History

Google tries its best to provide a personalized experience to users. For this, it requires information about users, and this information is shared with other services until you turn off your web and app activity. To secure your information, log in to your Google account and turn off my activity page.

Keep Your Password Secured

Your password and login credentials are the most important thing anyone can steal if not protected properly. Almost billions of passwords are leaked yearly and thus steal your record. You can use free leaked password apps to scan your website from the Dark Web to secure your data.

Delete Or Archive Old Social Media Content

If you’ve been using internet services for a long time, then there are higher chances your information is on Google. This includes blog posts, websites or social media accounts, buyers’ persona, and other marketing. Make sure to delete such information from Google. For this, you must decide whether you want to remove, archive, or delete your information, to protect your online identity.

Opt Out Of Public Data Broker Sites And Services

Data broker’s sites search for your information online and make a persona to assemble your record. It helps users to easily fetch your record. Although you can request such websites to remove your information, it’s a tricky procedure. There are lots of websites available online, such as Fastpeoplesearch and UniCourt, that contain your record. But that’s not the right procedure to adopt. You can use data brokers’ privacy rights so they don’t breach your privacy limit.

Delete Unused Apps

When you download any app such as Amazon, Daraz, or any other e-commerce site, it demands your data. There are rare chances that your information may be used or leaked by the app. To secure your data, you should check the apps you’re not using properly and make sure to uninstall or properly deactivate your account. It’ll help you to secure your private information. Use a guest account for this.

Create a Secondary Email Account For New Services

Your Gmail account is the most important property you have. Make sure not to log in on any other device. Anybody with access to your Gmail account can easily steal your personal information without concern. They can also change the password of any other website. Make sure to create a secondary email address and start providing your services from this account. This way, you can secure your primary account.

Request To Make Public Records Private Or Should Remove

Court, criminal, and marriage records are now easily available online, and anybody can access them. In the US, these records are available online. If you find your record on ArrestFact or any other site, you should request them to remove your information immediately.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Your personal information is less vulnerable to identity theft online. However, it doesn’t guarantee data security. You can count on identity thieves and scammers to find or steal your information. Your passwords will be leaked in a data breach if someone opens a new account in your name, uses your SSN, or opens a new account using your name.

Final Thoughts

Your data is the most important thing you should protect from others. Especially in the case when it’s available freely on the internet. You can’t always send a request to remove your record. You can also take assistance from a Reputation Management Company for the removal of your info from the Internet. But the important thing is you should limit the information you share on the internet. It’s the key to securing your personal data and online presence.

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