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How to Register in Zulutrade

zulutrade_It is easy and totally free to register with Zulutrade. The first thing one needs to do as a beginner is the make a selection of the best brokers around the world and create a new Zulutrade live account, it does not matter whether you have another account or not.

You will then need to get another free 30-day Zulutrade demo account that should have effective funds and should equally be functional as the live Zulutrade.

There are some Zulutrade forum registration changes that are worth noting. In order to be able to post in the forum, one will need to have a Zulutrade account since new registrations done directly from the forum have been disabled. The account can either be a demo, provider, affiliate or live. Those who previously registered directly from the forum will not be affected and can continue with their normal postings.

Having an account with ZuluTrade will ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunity to double your funds as you learn more about the trade.

ZuluTrade does not allow spamming and calls on members not to post materials that have any illegal transactions. Advertisements and commercial materials are also not permitted since they are listed under spam materials. Members are not allowed to include affiliate links or personal emails in the forum.

Zulutrade moderators have the permission to ban and penalize those who will be found guilty of such misconduct. Any complaints should be sent to the moderator or send to company emails. Zulutrade considers the topic closed when a conversation between members stop or when the posts and off topic.

Zulutrade has many threads and it is important that the member selects the correct thread so as to be able to send the correct and corresponding topic. Any post that goes to the wrong thread will be moved by the moderator. Different sections also have different rules; therefore one should ensure that they understand the rules of the sections that they are about to post to.

ZuluTrade does not allow the same post to be posted in multiple channels unless it is written in different languages for special language segments. All duplicate posts will be deleted and only the last copy will be retained should such issue occur.


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