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How to Prevent Toasted Skin Syndrome Caused by Laptop Computers

A portable laptop knee trayHave you ever wondered whether using a laptop can cause skin conditions or cancer? Well, while the chances of a laptop causing skin cancer is extremely rare, chances of developing a skin condition known as toasted skin syndrome is much higher. Toasted skin syndrome (TSS) is a condition that is caused by long-term exposure to heat or infrared radiation. While it used to be common among bakers and glass-blowers of years gone by, laptop users have become increasingly prone to being affected.


Symptoms of TSS include a marked redness and colouring of the skin, thinning skin tissues and sometimes sores or lesions. In extreme cases, infected people can develop permanent darkening of the skin.

Prevention and Treatment

Due to the temperature underneath laptops, people who keep laptops on their knees for long periods, without any protection, are more susceptible to TSS. In some cases, patients have been found to place laptops on their laps for as much as 6 hours a day, working or playing games on their computers. Therefore, the best form of prevention is by removing the source of heat, in this case the laptop from the skin area. This can be done by reducing the amount of time spent on your laptop or alternatively using a portable laptop knee tray. Taking these simple steps could help prevent potentially serious health risks in future.

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