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How to Play Hearts Card Games Online?

Want to know ways to play Heart card games online? If yes, you should go through this article and know how to play and win it in one go.

In every game we play, the highest score person wins the game. But in the Hearts cards game online, the lowest scores win. Yes, you heard it right! The heart card game is one of the most popular games that are played online. It is also commonly called Black Lady by veteran card game players. There are several tricks that you can employ to reach the goal or you can just play it with your heart and still win this easy game. However, many of you do not know how to play heart card games online. For that, it is necessary to know the ways to play with the help of this article.

Furthermore, many of the players who are PRO at this game want to build their own game. If you are one of them, you can contact the top card game app developer who will not only help you to build your own game but deliver the best app to reach a larger base of audience.

But if you are a newbie and don’t know how to play the Hearts card game online, you can read this article and know the best ways now.

How to Play Hearts Card Game Online?

  • No. of Players: 3-7
  • Card Used: Standard 52 Card Deck
  • Number of Cards Dealt: 13 Cards dealt to each person if 4 persons are playing. If three players are playing, each player gets 13 cards, and the rest of the cards are kept in Kitty and the person who deals the cards gets the Kitty. But if the 5 players are playing, 2 of the spades are removed from the deck of cards so that every player gets equal 10 cards.
  • Points for Each Cards: Every heart card has one point and Q of Spades has 13 points. The total of the cards is 26.
  • The goal of Hearts is to avoid taking cards that are worth points.
  • Each Player is dealt with 13 cards.
  • In the Online hearts card game, you have to pass three cards to either left or right players. And you also get three cards from the other players.
  • You want to get rid of taking higher or points cards. So, it’s good to pass higher cards like Ace, Kings, and Points worth cards.
  • Now each player takes their turn and starts playing the game.
  • In clockwise, each player chooses a card to play. Also, a player must choose a card with the same suit.
  • The player who played the highest card of the same suit takes the cards. This is called a winning “trick”.
  • Whoever wins the trick, plays the next card of his or her choice.
  • Again the player must deal the same suit card if possible. If the player does not have the same suit, he can play any card he wants.
  • Hearts are worth points and in this game, we do not want any of the points so let’s get rid of them first.
  • The player who has dealt the highest card of the same suit leads the trick and gets 1 point.
  • This round continues until the entire cards are dealt after which another round starts. So, the player who gets the fewer points wins the game.
  • Note: In this game, no one wants to take points. But if a player takes all the points (13 cards of hears and Queens of Spades) then the player has Shot the Moon. When this happens the player who has all the points gets 0 and the other player gets 26 points.
  • Even more difficult is Shot the Sun. In this phase, after playing the players get all the cards i.e. 52 cards in their hands. Everyone else is punished by 39 points. So, you have to take care of these points and eventually win every round you play to win the entire game.
  • The game ends when a payer reaches 1000 points.

Final Words

After reading this entire article, we must think that you have understood all the bulleted points and how to play Hearts card games online. When you play this game, you will have fun with friends and family. Also,  you can play this game offline, if 3-7 players assemble at one place. On the other hand, if you play online, you can connect with your friends and family on your smartphone with the Internet or else play with anyone in the world.

Moreover, if you want to build your own heart card game online, you can contact to card game app developer and ask them for card game app development now.

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