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How to Paraphrase Assignments to Avoid Plagiarism

How to paraphrase assignments to avoid plagiarism

It is an issue with most college and university students that they end up with bad grades of the assignments get rejected. This main reason is that they submit plagiarized content without knowing about it. In some cases, students do not want to put in the required hard work. Thus, they copy content from different websites and submit them. This is where the problem starts for them. Plagiarism is a serious offence and teachers take very strict actions against students who are involved in it. Students should make sure that the content submitted does not have any plagiarism problems.

Rephrasing content is the best way out

The best solution for plagiarism is rephrasing the content so that proper credit is given to the author who put in so much hard work, time and dedication. One way to rephrase the content is that you should rewrite each line manually. This option is very time consuming and long hours have to be invested. Along with that, when you are rewriting the content manually, there are risks that you may ignore or skip some part of the content. Students should know that there is no room for error when it comes to plagiarism. In other words, you have to be absolutely sure that what you are submitting is completely original. In such cases, manual rephrasing is not the best option available to students. Instead, they should use a proper rephrasing tool so that time can be saved and no part is submitted without rephrasing.

A quality paraphrasing tool is the best way out

As it is mentioned above, you can rephrase the content manually but this option consumes a lot of time. First of all, you have to go through each written line and compare it with the related source at the same time. If you are working on a lengthy dissertation or term paper, it would take a very long time frame to rephrase each and everything. Hence, using an automated paraphrasing tool is a much better alternative. Here are some core reasons why students should use a paraphrasing tool for their assignments.

1.     Incomparable efficiency 

The grades awarded in an assignment are very important. They impact the overall score awarded at the end of the term as well as the degree for which the student is studying. Manual rewriting can never produce the same level of efficiency as an automated tool. Humans do make mistakes when they are rephrasing the content. For instance, you may overlook a paragraph to complete the task on time. With an automated tool, this risk simply does not exist. The tool would reword each line so that the submitted content is free of plagiarism.

 The purpose of working hard on an assignment is nothing but getting a high grade. However, if your assignment is not 100% original, the chances of getting a good grade simply do not exist. In accordance with the grading parameters that academic institutions have, content originality is one of the most important factors

2.     Meeting deadlines by saving time

Even the most intelligent and competent students find it hard to meet the submission dates of assignments. Academic institutions and students are very stringent about the timelines of assignments. Hence, if a student does not submit his assignment on time, he loses the chances of scoring well.

-Manual rephrasing or rewriting of the compiled content consumes a lot of time. All this time can be saved if the student uses a rewriting tool for the same task. How does a paraphrasing tool help the student in terms of saving time? An example would provide us with more clarity and understanding.

-To write an assignment, a student has to start by collecting relevant sufficient information on the topic. If his assignment is related to financial management, he would have to go through different sources and collect information on it. The next step is rephrasing the compiled content so that it does not resemble the original source. If this is done manually, the student has to spend a lot of time. This obviously creates the risk of missing the deadline. Manual rephrasing consumes a lot of time so it should be avoided.

Smart students use paraphrasing tools so that they can get good grades easily. A paraphrasing tool is quick and content is rephrased without much of a problem. It is an automated method of paraphrasing information that has been compiled from different sources. More than anything, when you are using one of these tools, it becomes a lot easier to get good grades. This is because an automated tool does not make any errors during the content rephrasing process.

3.     Prevent exhaustion by using a paraphrasing tool

Collecting information from different sources is a time-consuming task but it is not as tiring as rephrasing the content. Once you have collected information from different websites, journals and portals, you have to rephrase it to avoid plagiarism. Sitting down for hours and rewording each line is possible but it would exhaust you to the limit. Hence, it is always better to use a paraphrasing tool.

-Using Prepostseo paraphrasing tool simply means that the student would not have to spend any time on rewriting the content. The rewriting tool would do everything or you. Students exhaust themselves completely by spending several hours on rewriting content. As each line has to be rewritten, it becomes a very tiring goal. There is no reason to do so when you are using a paraphrasing tool. It saves time for you and produces better results at the same time. In an overall manner, using a quality paraphrasing tool is the most convenient way to score well in assignments.


In the present time, we have technological solutions and tools for every problem that we come across. Assignments need a lot of dedication but you can save time in a lot of ways. For instance, instead of sitting down in front of the computer for several hours, you can use a paraphrasing tool for the same task. It would rewrite the compiled content in a very short while.

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