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How to Optimize Data Centers to Tackle Increased Tech Dependency During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Between March 19 and 24, 2020, a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 76% of American adults use emails to communicate with their peers. In addition, 70% have searched online for coronavirus information. Further, 4 in 10 resort to social media to post information about the pandemic.

Several companies, including Apple, Twitter and Google, have adopted telecommuting, which requires frequent video calls, real-time webinars and work-related online meetings. This has resulted in processing, organizing and storing huge volumes of information at data centers.

Globally, the data center market size is expected to reach $62.3 billion in 2022, up from $31.5 billion in 2017, according to figures released by MarketsAndMarkets. The US data center market, in particular, is expected to take off significantly, given the large-scale work-from-home shift, due to the coronavirus pandemic. When treated as a high priority, with significant capital investment, the operational efficiency of data centers can be optimized with minimum bandwidth. Here are a few effective steps to adopt to improve efficiency without compromising on the budget.

The Right Strategy

One crucial step to adopt is good documentation practices, which will improve the speed at which you deploy equipment and improve uptime, according to an article by Sunbird. This also helps data center managers receive information that allows failover analysis, manage virtual connections and respond to outages promptly.

Another crucial step is to finally make the most of the unused space to meet the demands of the company. This might take some time, but a modular design is definitely worth the effort in the long run. It will eliminate the urge to build bigger data centers but will cater to the skyrocketing demand for cloud storage.

Reduce Cooling Inefficiencies

In 2017-18, almost 29% of US workers admitted that they could work from home and about 25% actually did so, according to figures released by US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now, most professionals involved in business, financial operations and management are working remotely. With vast amounts of data flowing in, half of the power in data centers is used to cool down the floors and hardware.

But data centers should aim at removing the heat that is produced incessantly by the ITE and make ways to transfer it to heat sinks. The best way is to install economizers and maintaining the air-conditioning system. A well-engineered system will use effective cooling technologies, without compromising on the reliability.

Lower Payload Power

The Greenfield approach is not always a practical one. Instead, take professional help to understand what is drawing more energy and how to save this. This can be done while maintaining a safe environment for your IT equipment. Additionally, you must be able to identify problem areas and adopt the best practices with new technologies to ensure a positive impact, according to an article on BizTech.

Data center managers need to place the cooling sources as close to the heated structures as possible to avoid incidents of overheating. This is particularly important since hardware can go into an auto-shut mode when it becomes too hot, disrupting the work process.

Data centers offer cost-effective, reliable and scalable solutions, much needed for data handling. Inevitably, managers are required to adopt predictive and preventive maintenance measures to keep the assets updated and optimally functioning. During times of self-isolation in America, data center staff might be unable to access the hardware physically. This is where DCIM software can be of huge help. Giving real-time information on the status of various aspects of the premises. Implementing these simple yet inexpensive steps can ensure that the data center can continue to boost overall business performance.

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Marcelo Fincher is a blogger & writer on technology related topics with years of experience in studying technological advancements. In his spare time, Marcelo likes to read books and take a walk on the beach.

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