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How To Open Multiple EML Messages In Outlook

EML format is a popular way to transfer messages between different email clients and systems and keep all emails secure. However, when using the EML format, it encounters network errors that cause breakages in various EML email clients. In addition, they are also confronted with the default settings of email-based applications. On the other hand, users can send/receive messages, manage calendars and contacts, etc. via Outlook. Microsoft Outlook stores information in a PST file format. Therefore, there may be a high demand for importing EML files into Outlook.

This technical tutorial has explained the effective and error-free way to open multiple EML messages in Outlook. Here are the techniques to open an EML file in MS Outlook. In addition, we describe a professional solution EML Converter that allows users to bulk open multiple EML files in Outlook.

Reason To Import Multiple EML Messages In Outlook

  • According to the report, compared to other email clients, Outlook is safer, more trustworthy, and more secure for users.
  • Outlook application users can conveniently manage their mailbox data.
  • It offers multiple security options like password protection for the PST file.
  • EML files are only good for storing a single email message. PST files, on the other hand, can store complete mailbox data including calendars, tasks, notes, email messages, and all other mailbox data.
  • EML files can easily become corrupted compared to other file formats.

How To Open Multiple EML Messages In Outlook Using Manual Approach?

If you already have Outlook installed and have an active Outlook profile. You can then use Outlook’s drag-and-drop features. However, this manual has major disadvantages and is only applicable to a few EML files.

  • Open Outlook and create a new folder in it.
  • Browse EML files and select them the way you want to open them in Outlook.
  • Hold the cursor on the selected EML files and move the pointer to the new folder in Outlook.
  • Now EML files have been successfully imported into Outlook.

Why Do Professionals Always Skip Manual Approaches?

  • This only applies to some EML files.
  • Advanced technical knowledge is required to perform this operation.
  • There is a high possibility of mailbox data loss or file corruption.
  • Installing Outlook is mandatory to implement the solution.

How To Import Multiple EML Messages In Outlook Using a Professional Approach?

If you are not satisfied with the manual approach and have a lot of EML files. Then we recommend you go for EML to PST Converter, the fastest utility to convert unlimited EML files in a single try. This application development is completed with a powerful algorithm to enjoy ultimate privacy protection and secure mailbox data from any kind of information leakage.

  • Download and launch EML Converter on your Windows machine.
  • Browse EML files or folders at will.
  • From the various options of the export type, select the PST option.
  • Finally, browse the desired output destination and then click “Convert” to complete the process.

Why Are Professional Tools A Prime Choice Of Users?

  • It preserves data integrity and remains the original. In addition, the PST file converter offers a full guarantee that the original data remains unchanged.
  • It allows to convert EML to PDF using the same software.
  • This application is easy to do for all types of computer users without having advanced technical skills.
  • It also provides a filter option to select specific data and is also helpful in avoiding unnecessary data.
  • This conversion process does not require the installation of any additional application.

Final Verdict

In this description, we have discussed the technique to open multiple EML messages in Outlook. We also have the necessary information required to carry out the solution. In addition, we have also explained the risk and risk-free benefits to solve this problem and prevent any troubles in the future. The manual approach does not meet your expectations. Therefore, we recommend you go for a professional tool, which is the perfect choice to get an accurate output without losing even a single bit of information.

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