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How To Make Effective Viral Campaigns

Perhaps nothing can be so effective as spreading your message in a viral marketing campaign. The idea of ​​viral marketing is to inspire people to make the job for you and to spread the message for you. It has been estimated that a viral campaign can be 500-1000 times more effective than a non-viral one.

Creating a successful viral marketing campaign is actually harder than it sounds. It takes careful planning and research. Use this guide to get started.

1. Don’t be neutral

First of all, viral marketing needs emotions. Please, forget about pleasing everyone as it is impossible. All you need to do is to deliver various ideas and inspire strong emotions. You product should cause emotions and people should love or hate you, they should be happy or annoyed by you and your ideas.

2. Be extraordinary

Do you want people to mention your brand? People are hard to amaze today, so do something really unexpected. And don’t try to promote your product or to make it look cool. People don’t need another ad, and they won’t share it.

3. Do not create an ad

Viral marketing is not just ads which people share. You need to forget about yourself, your product and your company and all possible advertising goals you have. Concentrate on creating interesting stories (first of all, it should be interesting for you personally). Promotion of your business should be very delicate, and it should never be in the main message.

4. Make the sequels

Just imagine the situation. People watched your video, so you got their attention. And what are you going to do next? When you have attracted someone’s attention, you need to act further. You should never leave them having to think what to do next. And one of the best ways to encourage people to take action is to give them something else. And that’s a good time to deliver sequels. Give them exactly what they want and they will appreciate, remember and share the info about your brand.

5. Promote sharing

Sharing is actually the main thing in viral marketing. Everything you will do to make it easier for people to share your content will work to improve your campaign. Provide people the ability to upload and embed the content.  Give them a chance to share the content by e-mail, or post in a social network.

6. Emphasis on comments

Staying in touch with your audience is a vital part of your campaign. Hear and listen to the comments you get. They will help you to correct the mistakes and to make other great products that will answer the potential clients’ questions.

7. Never limit access

The essence of viral marketing is that your campaign lives its own live, spreading like a virus. So, don’t make this mistake and never limit access to it. Do not ask people to sign up to become members or to download special software. It is not inbound marketing. Viral marketing can never be exclusive. It should be open and visible to all.

I sincerely hope that these easy, but essential tips will help you and your company to make a really cool product that people would be happy to share.

Written By

This post is written by Katerina Merzlova, a Chief Marketing Officer from SumatoSoft, a software development company. We see the big picture, leverage the expertise and extensive experience to provide clients with end-to-end technological web, mobile, and IoT solutions.



  1. Umer

    April 6, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    i think it is more about luck when it comes to viral campaigns. Just like Justin briber,

  2. John

    April 11, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Thanks Katerina, this is something that I have dreamed of. It just seems impossible to create a viral campaign for a part time business owner. Oh, well, you never know, and the trick is not to give up.

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