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How To Leverage YouTube Analytics

YouTube fans spend 2.9 billion hours per month on the video sharing site, and they might just be spending that time learning more about your brand. How do you know? Where are your viewers finding your videos? Who are these people, anyway? YouTube Analytics is here to save the day.

Launched in 2008 as YouTube Insights, this surprisingly powerful analytics tool charts performance, engagement, top videos in the users’ account, demographics and discovery. Like any type of analytical data, it’s what you do with your YouTube Analytics that really counts. Here are five cool ways to leverage your YouTube Analytics.

Examine Your Audience – With the demographic tool, you are given gender, age and geographic location of your video’s viewers. This will help you develop an audience profile – a virtual picture of the type of viewers who are most likely to click on or share your video. If you’ve already identified a target demographic, the YouTube demographic tool is a great way to see if you’re reaching the right viewers, and can help you course-correct and fine tune your message.

Determine the Most Engaging ContentThe YouTube Video Hot Spots feature is one of the coolest ways to analyze your YouTube video. Hot Spots shows you the audiences engagement with your video by charting when they paid the most attention and when they lost interest or clicked away. Keeping your engagement “line” high on the chart, which means your viewers are sticking with you until the end, is the goal of your Hot Spot information. Your video must have some age and at least 200 views before Hot Spot data will kick-in, but after it’s available, use it to see what content in your video most interests your audience – and keep doing more of it. 

YouTube Viewer Discovery – YouTube videos can be accessed in dozens of ways – embedded in websites, through Google searches or through direct links from referral sites. Finding out how your audience found your video can go a long way in learning your audience’s behaviors. If your traffic comes from referral sources like blogs or StumbleUpon, you might spend some time building relationships with niche bloggers who have linked to your video. If you’re getting YouTube search traffic, spend time on keyword creation.

Keyword Research and Related Clips – The YouTube search is a microcosm of Google search, which means keywords are important. YouTube Analytics shows you top keywords and the related clips that brought users to your channel or video. Use this data to craft great titles, carefully choose your tags and sprinkle your video and annotations with keywords to help boost your organic search traffic within YouTube.

Geographic Regions – Although this data is part of demographics, it’s worth a deeper review. Viewers could be accessing your video inadvertently as a result of your search terms. For instance, if your video mentions an employee named Austin, you might get search traffic from viewers from Texas looking for the city of Austin – and that’s not a valuable view.  Geographic region information is also great when you’re trying to gain local traffic for your business. Use this data to find out if your local advertising and marketing efforts are hitting the mark.

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Pat Walton is a tech enthusiast who likes to write about various topics that have a broad appeal. He works for Actin Web Video, where he specializes in web video production - and enjoys participating in the community to educate others about the industry.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Amanda

    July 9, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    YouTube Analytics sounds really great and I guess that it can be quite beneficial for all its users

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