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How To Keep Your PCO Rental Cars Safe

Interested in learning how to keep your PCO rental safe? Here is a complete guide explaining how one can do that.

Numerous modern PCO cars, such as the Kia e-Niro, feature keyless entry as a basic feature. It’s a convenient solution that lets cab drivers use their key fob to unlock the PCO rental car and start the engine. The elimination of the need for a key is a huge boon to convenience and sophistication, but it has a few drawbacks.

There has been a rise in the number of thefts of keyless cars in the UK. According to data compiled by the Office of National Statistics, they made up a record-breaking 94% of all cars retrieved in 2021 by Tracker. In addition, a recent AA survey found that 50% of car owners don’t bother to secure their keyless car fobs.

On that note, let’s take a detailed look into the technology behind keyless entry systems, discuss the methods by which thieves get access to vehicles without the use of the original keys, and conclude with some suggestions for safeguarding your PCO rental cars.

How Does It Work?

A transceiver in a remote vehicle key transmits and receives radio signals with encryption. To unlock the vehicle, the key fob sends a signal anytime it comes within a short distance of the vehicle, and the receiver in the vehicle picks up on that signal.

Afterward, the door will open after the automated control verifies the signal. The key fob also serves as the engine starter. Similarly, your car might lock itself when you get out of it. However, as you probably already know, technological advancement has both positive and negative consequences.

The theft of a keyless vehicle often described as a “relay attack” or “relay theft,” is easier and faster than you may think. Typically, thieves who target keyless vehicles operate in teams of two, with one person utilizing a relay gadget to intercept the signal sent by the car’s key and broadcast it to the intended vehicle. At the same time, the second person waits nearby to intercept the signal and open the vehicle.

Doesn’t that seem downright terrifying? Stay calm; here are some tips for keeping your PCO rental safe.

Tips For Keeping Your PCO Car Safe

If your PCO car doesn’t use a key, you now understand how they’re stolen. Thankfully, there are several measures you may take to safeguard your keyless-entry vehicle. Let’s take a look.

Use A Keyfob Wallet

Investing in a blocking pouch, or “Faraday bags” as frequently referred to, is a cheap and effective solution to stop anyone from using a remote to steal your key fob. The radio signal from the key fob is shielded inside the pouch from being picked up by auto thieves’ relay devices by the metallic substance that lines the interior. To lock the bag, place the key inside and zip it up.

Although blocking pouches are compatible with a wide variety of key fobs, they are only effective if the entire key is encased within them. You can get one for roughly five pounds, and they’re widely available online and in auto centers.

Disable Keyless Entry

Most keyless entry editions allow you to disable the wireless signal using the remote. There is no chance of the signal being intercepted, making this method an excellent safeguard against vehicle theft.

The process for switching off the signal may vary by vehicle make and model; however, this information is typically found in the PCO car’s manual. If you rented a PCO car and can’t find the answer in the handbook, get in touch with your PCO car rental agency.

Wheel Lock & Alarms

Even though criminals today are more likely to employ digital tools, mechanical solutions like wheel locks are still useful. Wheel locks not only make it more difficult for thieves to steal your PCO car but their color and size serve as a visual repellent as well. Additionally, they are affordable, costing only about £20.

The installation of a PCO car alarm is a substitute for locking the steering wheel. Installing a custom alarm requires more work than a standard system because it necessitates cutting holes in and running wires to the system and siren. However, numerous auto centers can handle this for you.

Choose Your Parking Spot Carefully

It’s best to leave your car someplace that would be difficult or impossible for a thief to access. When leaving it overnight, you should always keep your keyless car in a secure location, such as a garage. If there is no room in the garage, park the car on the driveway or in another nearby area.

Now you can check in on the vehicle whenever it’s most convenient for you to do so. Additionally, it will make it more challenging for criminals to enter the area. It’s not the best solution, but it strengthens the defenses of any other methods you use in tandem with it.

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