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How to Keep your Car Pristine through the Harsh Winter Months

As the winter months begin to draw closer, we all like to think about the nice things it can bring – after all, who doesn’t love Santa, presents, candy canes and snow? While this might be true for humans in general, there is something that hates the cold winter season: your car! Winter is a real nightmare for your vehicle and perhaps the one season that can really damage it the most.

From falling snow and ice to all the salt on the roads, your car can take a real battering. Salt is particularly worth guarding against as it can have a hugely negative impact on your car’s condition. When you also add in freezing temperatures and slippery roads, it is easy to see why winter is not the best time for your car. With this in mind, it is essential to do all you can during this part of the year to not only protect your car but also keep it looking pristine.

If you need a few simple ways to go about this, then the below should help.

Wash and seal your car paintwork 

Some jobs that you can do to keep your car looking in great condition over winter are simple. One great example of this is simply giving your car a good wash and wax when fall comes and then when needed again moving forward. Washing will remove all the dirt and debris currently on there and stop it from staying on your bodywork to eat away at it.

Applying a wax coat afterwards will not only make it look glossy and shiny but also seal your paintwork to protect against the elements. Many people now use spray wax to do this as it is easier to apply and less time-consuming. There are even some great products out now that wash and seal all in one product for cost savings and less hassle.

Don’t forget about your tires

While much focus is rightfully given to car bodywork, remember to look after your tires too. As these come into contact with the road, they also need to be cleaned and cared for. One great tip is to use tire shine gel to achieve this. This sort of gel is simple to apply with a microfiber cloth and will make your tires look amazing once more. This gel can also be used to spruce up car trims that may start to look grubby from driving around on roads covered in snow, salt, mud and ice. Keeping your car looking its best over the colder part of the year means paying attention to it all, so don’t forget about parts such as tires.

Drive carefully

One way to keep your car looking in the best shape possible over winter is to not crash it! This means taking care to drive to the conditions and adapt your behavior behind the wheel as needed. With icy roads and longer stopping distances, you simply cannot leave braking until the last minute. You should also avoid braking too hard as this can see you skid on winter roads. To keep your car at its pristine best, staying safe and away from any shunts is a must.

Touch up any chips

One problem that many people can suffer from when it gets colder is grit or salt bouncing up off the road to chip their paintwork. This will not only look unsightly but also leave exposed metal on your bodywork for the elements to corrode. Make sure to keep a regular eye on your car’s bodywork for any chips or scratches. If you notice any, buy a touch-up kit to repair it yourself or take it into your local service center for them to handle.

Store it away properly

Of course, the simplest and most effective way to keep your car protected and looking good over winter is to store it away from the weather. This is pretty easy if you have a garage to use, and it is worth clearing this space out for your car to occupy when it gets cold outside. If you do not have a garage, then you can buy covers for your car to put over it when you park up at night. This will do a fine job of keeping your car protected from the elements when not in use and help keep it looking awesome.

Take steps over winter to protect your car 

While car care may seem a pain in winter, it is worth doing. Making sure that you do what you can to keep your vehicle pristine will prevent breakdowns, help it retain any resale value for the future, and also simply make you want to drive around in it. Hopefully, the above tips have given you some simple ideas on how to get started.

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