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How to Install a Linear Actuator

Decades ago people had to lift and move things with their bare hands in everyday life. Now everything has changed drastically. Simple devices, simple installation and your problem are solved. A linear actuator can be easily installed with the help of basic equipment. You can find the simple guide all over the net. The ways of installation are pretty different. Of course, they vary according to its complication rate, the price of the elements and the device you are planning on installing, and many other criteria. Therefore, today we will give you the simplest guide any child from 7 years old can install on its own.

1. You put the black cord into the black thing which is the Firgelli Auto FA-RMS series Actuator

First of all, you are to pick the right actuator suitable for your specific case. Consider the size (the length of it in the start position and in its pick form and take into account the equipment you are to use as well), the total force, and even such a thing as a color (if your project is that essential). Then you are to connect it with the battery.

2. Choose the battery

With the help of the red cord you plug the Firgelli Auto Battery (FA-Battery-12v), for example. Usually, it will be the red light, if you did everything in a right way.

3. Remote

Don’t forget to plug in the wireless remote if you are tired of living as a caveman and turn on everything manually. Just a click on the button and the doors will close and open, slide to the left or to the right on their own. It saves time, it saves space, and, finally, it is a piece of a cake. A wireless remote (2CH-RC) will be just great in your case.

This is, for instance, the yellow cord. Connect it with the red one. The blue one on the black wire. Then just make sure your remote works efficiently. Try to click several times before you actually install the actuator. It would be more difficult to unplug the installed things. Your actuator has to move in an up-down direction smoothly. If you’ll see that it works just perfectly, go ahead then and make a space in the wall for a little actuator.

4. Brackets

Usually, it is better to choose the actuator and the brackets that will function great together. Of course, you may not need other equipment but the actuator. Still, that will depend on the project you are trying to enliven. Usually, there is the manual either with the product or online. There you will find the brackets that will perfectly fit in most of the cases. Install the MB1 Brackets or other things you like to fixate your linear actuator.

If you have installed everything right, but, unfortunately, faced some troubles, don’t be afraid. You can seek help on various forums and all in all, the manufacturer. What we personally enjoy is the lifetime of this fantastic thing you can lift without testing your biceps. The guarantee time is usually doubled here. It will endure various temperatures and other unpleasant circumstances. We highly recommend those as it is the simplest installation even your wife can perform.

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