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How to Implement AI and ML in Running Mobile Apps for Monetization and User Interaction


In the era of digitalization, the technologies are reaching new heights. The business world is largely benefiting from the advanced technologies and its applications. The artificial intelligence is taking over the business world. The mobile app development companies provide applications that are the best marketing tool and are applied by enterprise companies.

The competition in the market is increasing every day. The applications with high-end technologies are used by the companies for their e-commerce industry. The rapid changes in the market need to be adopted by the companies to develop such high featured applications.

In today’s world, almost every person uses smartphones and applications. The people largely rely on the mobile application for shopping and placing online food orders. Not only that, people often use applications to get health care tips, yoga, and dieting. The day planner applications help them to plan their day and work on schedule. The artificial intelligence is adopted by many devices and provides virtual assistants to interact with the people made by the hire app developers. There are many applications of machine learning. Some of the features that amaze the people are voice recognition, memory, movement senses, etc. With the technology is advancing and incorporation of artificial intelligence in mobile applications, the competition in the market among the companies has increased.

Features to implement AI and ML in the mobile application for monetization and interaction

The incorporation of artificial intelligence in mobile applications is a difficult job but not impossible. The companies must consider the requirements of the application and the features of AI. It is pointless to create an application that has no use of artificial intelligence. The applications are made for the users and every feature should benefit the user at the first place. However, some features for the implementation of AI and ML in applications are listed below.

Automated Reasoning – According to the AI development companies the logical reasoning applied by the computers to calculate high-level mathematical problems proving theorems and puzzles. AI-powered machines use this technology to defeat the human brain. Similar technology is used in applications like Uber. The technology utilizes this technique to analyze the data points earned by the driver and the routes travelled. This data is then used to estimate the time it will take to reach the destination with the traffic on the road.

System of Recommendation– as per the iPhone app Development Company the most simple and common utilization of artificial intelligence in applications is a recommendation system. This feature is used in any kind of solution provided. According to a survey it is seen that most of the applications fail these days due to the lack of genuine and relevant content.

The user engagement drastically fails and the application goes down within the first year of its launch. The application must provide relevant content for the user from the very beginning or else the application will never be able to cover the cost of losing users. This feature helps to analyze the user activities and keep them engaged with activities. it helps the application to recommend the right ones for the users.

Analyzing Behavioral Patterns – The artificial intelligence incorporated applications developed by the iPhone app Development Company because of the track of the behavioural patterns of the users. This feature analyzes the behaviours of the users by tracking the time they spent most of which pages. The realistic sound conversations are also used by many applications to interact with the users and answer the questions asked. It also tracks the behaviour of the user by looking into the activities and their response to notifications. This feature helps the application to understand its use and make improvements.

Vision – Computer vision is a feature adopted by many applications and is famous and loved by users. The Face ID algorithm of apple uses this feature to recognize faces whenever the user faces the camera. Similar technology is used by snap chat to add different filters to the face of the users. The two most important parts of computer vision are the face recognition and the systematization of the images.

Training the AI model – the only obstacle about the implementation of Artificial intelligence is to gather the data and use it for training the model. However, the AI model can be trained with a lot of extra effort and it is possible to make it the role AI model for the application. The trained AI development companies’ models are loved by the users and attract them to the application.

Biometrics – In marketing researches, artificial intelligence uses Biometrics to measure the structure and speech of a human with the help of images to detect human behaviour. Some of the applications like FaceFirst, Sensory, etc use this technology to learn human behaviour.

When a company decides to implement AI in their applications, it is very important to decide the features they would like to in-built in the application. The importance of AI in the application and its reason must be recognized by the companies. Many young entrepreneurs hire an app developer to launch new application startups in the market using high-end technologies. However, it is not necessary that an application will be successful with the incorporation of AI. If the features are not relevant, it can turn disastrous.


The purpose of artificial intelligence is to make the applications smarter and attract more traffic. From the past few years, mobile app development companies are trying hard to implement artificial intelligence in the applications. The user experience is the benefactor of the product of the applications with AI today. In the early days, APIs were used. However, with modern technologies like powerful processors and sensors, the applications can conduct complicated tasks like recognizing faces and voices of the users.

The virtual assistants of many shopping applications help the users to find and choose the right product as per the requirement. However, there are still many changes required to implement all the features best for mobile applications as per the industry. Many applications use AI today and amaze users with fruitful results. Although the incorporation of AI in the application is costly, with proper implementation the ROI is guaranteed.

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Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile, and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.

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