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How To Get Twitter Followers For Your Business Profile

Many businesses understand the value that Twitter can bring to their social marketing plan. In order to be successful at creating appropriate social media campaigns and marketing campaigns over Twitter it’s very important that you have a lot of followers that are related to your niche or in your target market.

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Building a massive amount of Twitter followers that could be robots, spam or fake accounts is not something that’s very difficult for Twitter users, the difficult part of using Twitter is generating targeted followers that you can use with your business for advertising and building new sales connections. While only a small fraction of the users that you contact on Twitter may turn into visitors to your website or sales for your webpage, generating quality leads is important to creating sales.

There are some great tips that you can use to generate more followers for your business and to have high quality followers.

1. Consider promotion services and lead generation:

People who have been exploring Twitter from the beginning and mastering social media since its early stages are extremely well-equipped to generate leads and help deliver high quality targeted followers to a business page. Expert social media marketers are able to sort through millions of Twitter followers to find keywords in tweets as well as work to establish a large network of Twitter accounts that are in the same niche, so that a web of similar accounts can be created to market one another. With their software and algorithms social media marketing companies can help to deliver high-quality leads that you can contact over Twitter or they will work to promote your Twitter page so that more people in your target market begin to follow.

2. Continue Tweeting often:

The only way that a business can be successful on Twitter is it is dedicated to using Twitter quite often. This means tweeting on a daily basis and tweeting interesting links for tweets each and every time that they do. As a business is able to generate more unique content and engaging content they will have far more success at getting re-tweeted for actually gauging one of their followers. Dedication to tweeting is one of the best ways to make an account look full and interesting.

3. Connect with your Twitter followers:

So many businesses will simply tweet out advertising or links and this can unfortunately it alienate them from their customers. When businesses work to simply advertise their products their Twitter account can come across as spam advertising or spam marketing. If a business is regularly tweeting at their customers, responding to messages or even asking questions of their customers they can work to create customer engagement as well as advertise their products. Twitter could make businesses more reachable than ever before and this means that utilizing this social media platform makes for better customer service.

4. Utilize good Hashtags:

Hashtags on Twitter are used to create trends among tweets. When a word is hash tag in a tweet users can then look for similar tweets that contain the same word. If someone has a specific interest or is interested in tweets of a certain type they can search through a recent tweets that have been sent out using the same words that they have hash tagged. Just as a business may spend a long time coming up with appropriate keywords for their search engine optimization process, business owners also need to spend an appropriate amount of time selecting the right hash tags for their tweets. Utilizing the right hash tag can get your tweets trending and help expose your business to new audiences and followers within your target market.

By using these Twitter tips and tricks you can get more followers for your business that might actually convert into sales.

Written By

Brad Traversy is a web developer with Tech Guy Web Solutions in Boston Mass. Brad specializes in open source web design & development with technologies like Joomla, Wordpress, Custom PHP applications and MySQL.



  1. Ian Inglis

    June 26, 2013 at 3:46 am

    The most effective way to gain followers is to be active and build relationship with the community. Communicate with them effectively and relevancy among your posts is highly important for them to gain trust on your brand.

  2. Rohit

    June 26, 2013 at 6:27 am

    getting people follow you in twitter is a great sign of success and in other words if you manage to get good range of twitter follower then it lead your business to a great success..,
    nice article brad.. thanks for the same..:)

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