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How to Get Started in a Security Career

By following these tips, you will be certain to have a successful security career.

Everyone has different fields that interest them, but it can be hard to figure out how to start in your chosen field. Security may be a career option that sparks your interest and showcases your agile abilities. Security careers can involve everything from walking the grounds to look for intruders, to handling locks and doors and monitoring security cameras. It requires both physical and mental abilities. If you’re looking to get started in a security career, here are some helpful tips to get you moving. Start by getting into shape, then look into security training. You should be sure to know how to handle a firearm, then look into certification options. By following these tips, you will be certain to have a successful security career.

Get in Shape

A job in the security field requires you to be in peak physical condition. Therefore, it’s important that you focus your efforts on first getting in shape. This includes both muscular strength and endurance. If possible, try and get into a workout program or hire a trainer who currently works in the security field. They’ll have the best idea of the type of strength and cardio training you’ll need to do to be in an ideal condition to do the job effectively.

Consider Training

Depending on the level in the security field you’re looking to get into, you may or may not need some prior training. For most entry-level positions at private firms, you can receive on the job training. However, for higher-paying positions, you’ll need to have prior training or experience as a security guard. You can typically find this training at local colleges and universities that offer criminal justice fields.

Know How to Handle A Firearm

If you want to work in a security position that requires you to carry a weapon, then you need to know how to effectively use it. From 9mm handguns to batons, there are various training courses out there you can take advantage of. While some jobs may offer on the job training for these weapons, it’s a good idea to seek out prior training to show your adequate level of experience with the weapon. This can give you a big advantage over other potential job candidates.

Consider Certification

Some states may require that you have ASIS board certification to practice a career in the field of security. Those who pass the certification exam show they’ve mastered skills in security management, core principles, and professional codes of conduct. Obtaining this certification before applying for a position can help to improve your competitiveness as a candidate for the open position. You can get information about this certification at the ASIS International website.

Pursuing a career in security is something that you may have always dreamed of. While trying to figure out how to get started may have hung you up in the past, hopefully, you now have a better idea of where to start. Just remember that you should always work to update your skills throughout your career, as this will make you a more desirable candidate for any position.

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