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How To Get Enrolled in Top Acting Schools

The secret to a promising acting career is a perfect blend of talent, practice, and experience. Top professional actors can be seen everywhere portraying different characters to tell stories and convey messages to society. If you want to be an A-list actor, there is no better way than attending a top acting school.

Thousands of students apply to highly ranked acting schools every year. However, the schools can only enrol about 1% of these applicants. As an applicant, you have to stand out to get one of these highly coveted spaces. With the programs’ competitive nature, having a well-considered plan will tremendously improve your chances.

Here are five tips to boost your chances of getting into a top acting school.

Follow the Basic Monologue Structure

Auditions are crucial in acting school interviews since it gives the applicant a chance to showcase their talent. Mainly done through monologues, some auditionees fail to follow the primary structure. Auditioners are looking for a transition from the hook in the introduction, followed by a turning point in the middle, and a climax at the end.

An experienced auditioner from The Juilliard School, one of the top acting schools in NYC, recently raised concerns about the continued disregard for this basic monologue structure. Even with tremendous talent, neglecting these instructions may cost you a spot. When auditioning, never get to a higher peak in your performance without building up to the climax.

Use a Contemporary Piece

One of the most difficult parts of preparing for an audition is choosing which piece to perform. The piece you choose largely determines your performance. The auditioners also use your choice to decide whether or not you are a knowledgeable applicant. Demonstrating immense knowledge in contemporary theatre is, therefore, a plus when auditioning.

When choosing a piece, make sure that it makes it easy to see you as the character. The piece should also allow you to easily showcase your talent. Pick something that you have either seen or read several times to avoid stuttering and forgetting lines. Good first impressions matter when performing in such settings.

Prepare a Good Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement is an integral part of any acting school’s application process. Many of the applicants fail to do this right and end up losing out on their spot. They tend to write what they think the approver wants to hear and not the actual truth. Some of them turn the personal statement into a personal biography, which doesn’t help their case.

When writing a personal statement, only include true information. Avoid giving history about your life and acting journey. Write a message that will impact them and showcase your talent, passion, and knowledge of the industry uniquely. Always be in control of the message you intend to send by writing the statement yourself.

Avoid Self-Comparison

When going for interviews and auditions at the top schools, you will meet different applicants, all clamoring for one of those highly coveted spots. While interacting, avoid any form of competitive storytelling before the auditions. Such interactions mostly lead to negative comparisons which may affect your performance.

At such auditions, remind yourself that you are there to give your best on the stage. Constantly find ways to keep your nerves in check and maintain focus. Keep interactions at a minimum level to avoid comparative situations. With all these tips in mind, you are assured to keep your confidence levels up and perform well.

Kickstart Your Acting Career

The road to a successful acting career begins at an acting school. The knowledge and experience acquired from a highly rated acting institution are invaluable. The competitive nature of these programs may mean that you may need to apply several times before you secure a spot. Don’t lose hope if your first attempt is unsuccessful.

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