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How to Develop Poker Game Apps like PokerBaazi

PokerBazzi is counted as the biggest poker platform in India that hosts online poker tournaments, events, and the most popular live poker games. This platform offers you various poker game variations like Texas Hold’em, OFC poker, and 5 card Omaha. As we know PokerBazzi has become a favorite platform for all poker players and that’s why investors and entrepreneurs are looking to invest to develop poker game apps like PokerBaazi where they can make money by offering what players are looking for.

In this article, we are going to help you by offering a detailed guide on how to develop poker game apps like PokerBaazi. If you are also confused about the poker game app development cost, then you have landed on the right article.

Before going in-depth, let’s know the features of the poker game app.

Features to Consider for Poker Game Apps like PokerBaazi

A feature pack poker app will help you to attract and engage users to your platform so you should always add the latest trending features for the success of the app. If players will find out interesting characteristics in your game app, then they will surely love to use your poker app.

Here are the features that will help you to stay ahead:

Features Descriptions
Multi-lingual Support Multiple language options help players to use the application conveniently that belongs to different countries. Always enrich your poker app with this option to target audiences from all over the world.
Social Media Integration Via this amazing feature players can share their game rewards, bonus, and victory with their friends and family. Players can also use social media to invite players. It helps both users and owners.
Easy to play Always try to develop your app in a way that users don’t face any issues while they play. For this, you should focus on attractive and engaging UX/UI and easy navigation.
Multiple Payment Gateways Try to integrate multiple payment gateways into your poker game app, so players can choose the preferred medium for the transaction. Always count for the latest trending and most popular used according to demography.
Live Chat If players face any issues while playing, then with the help of live chat users can get instant solutions, and it will lead them to stay engaged and play more.

Complete Guide to Poke Game App Development

Development of Poker game apps like PokerBaazi may seem like an easy process but it is quite tedious because you have to count various aspects to make an app successful. For your help, we are going to help you with the step-by-step development process so you can know the right process.

So let’s know the process of poker game development to know more about poker game app development cost-


Before starting the game development process, it is necessary to do research on who your target audience is and for that, what kinds of features and functionalities you require. So, always make proper research regarding your competitors, and users’ expectations, target audience, latest gaming trends, and technology. This will help you in developing a unique and more impressive poker game app.

Make a Plan

After making research about your poker game app, the next step is to plan. In this step, you have to focus on what functions you want to offer and plan your development strategy according to that.

Design a Poker Game App

Design in any game app plays a vital role in application success. So, it should be interactive, engaging, and eye-catching that can entice users. First of all, you should create a list that considers all the game stages, stories, features, and functionality. After this, you can hire an experienced developer who can make a perfect design for your poker game app.

Development of a Poker Game App

After this, you have to develop your game app, and this is the most crucial step in the whole game development process because your game app gets shaped here. All features and functions are developed in this phase, so you should pay attention to verify that all is going in a better way. You can hire a company or developers for back-end and front-end frameworks.


The next step is testing, once you have created a poker app. In this phase, make a test to detect and find all bugs. You can go for both functional and non-functional testing to inspect the overall application performance. It will help you to know that the game flow is excellent.

App Launch

When all the above processes are done, then you need to launch it. For this, check App Store guidelines and requirements to launch the poker game.

Poker Game App Development Cost

As we all know that poker game app development cost depends on the below-given factors:

  • Complexity of the game
  • Game design and development features and functions
  • Game app platform
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Hiring designers and developers
  • Locations of developers and development companies
  • Technology stack

In short, when you are going to develop a poker game app like PokerBaazi for basic features with a single platform, then it will cost you around $20,000 to $30,000, and for advanced features and functions with multi-platform compatibility will cost you around $40,000 to $60,000.

Final Word

As we all know that the demand for poker game apps like PokerBaazi is increasing day by day, and in a short time duration, a large audience is there. So you can also churn this opportunity to make money by introducing your poker game app. Poker game development is not a simple task and that’s why you have to be careful to make sure that your application development process is working smoothly. We hope this article will surely help you to know the poker game app development process and cost.

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