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How To Delete Spotify Account

Sometimes users do show their interest in deleting their Spotify account, in case they have not been using it for days. So, to make it easier for the users, we are detailing the easiest and simplest procedure to cancel the Spotify account using the web browser.

Entertainment is likely one of the most important demands of users or people to alleviate as much stress as possible. For entertainment purposes, various companies and brands have surely designed their popular brands to entertain their viewers and users. Most of the time, we, being users, prefer to listen to music for relaxing purposes or to drive the stress away from our lives. One such popular application is “Spotify,” which allows users to move away by streaming songs online.

Spotify refers to audio streaming and media services, and thus, this application has become one of the largest music streaming service providers all across the world because of its easy user interface. You can use the NordVPN Youtuber codes to get access to streaming websites. Although the user interface of “Spotify” is easy and effective, sometimes users do show their interest in deleting the Spotify account, especially if they have not been using it for days. So, to make it easier for users, we are detailing the easiest and simplest procedure to cancel the Spotify account using the web browser. On most multimedia platforms, the terms for deleting your account are the same. You will lose all your data related to it. There are many reasons why people delete their accounts, and one of them is that they forget their usernames and passwords. One of our friends also deleted his Twitter account because he was not able to change his display name.

How to Delete a Spotify Account

Before we carry forward our procedure of canceling the Spotify account, the users need to know some of the benefits associated with deleting the “Spotify” account. Hence, the points are as follows:

  • Users of “Spotify” could only delete their accounts if they had the free version of the service.
  • If the users are Premium users of Spotify, i.e., they have purchased any meaningful subscription to a Spotify account, then they need to first cancel this subscription. And then, they need to delete their account.
  • Also, users are highly recommended to go through the repercussions mentioned or detailed by the Spotify audio streaming platform before they delete their “Spotify account”.
  • To avoid the deletion of their “Spotify account”, users may simply cancel their premium subscription (if they have purchased any) followed by moving forward with using the “free version of it.”
  • Even if a user closes or deletes their “Spotify account,” they will not be able to use the same username across the platform again.
  • But they need to create a new one and, thus, may use the same email address for doing so.

How Do I Delete My Spotify Account On My Phone?

So now, Spotify account users may simply follow the stepwise procedure highlighted below to delete the “Spotify account” easily:

  • Firstly, move to the ‘Contact Spotify Support page’ using the preferable web browser.
  • On this page, choose the ‘Account’ option followed by clicking the ‘I want to close my account’ button.
  • Users need to verify that they are willing to delete or close their Spotify account permanently, or that they are willing to only cancel their premium subscription.
  • And then, the users need to choose the ‘Close Account’ option displayed on the left-hand side to carry forward the procedure of deletion.
  • Thus, the users will be redirected to the page uttering, “We’re sad you want to leave us” and, thus, will be displayed a small procedure having five simple and easy steps to close their Spotify account.
  • Then, the users need to click the ‘Continue’ button to move forward.
  • After this, the users need to confirm that they have logged in to their authenticated account. and then, the users need to simply click the “Continue” button.
  • Once done, the Spotify platform will display the warning sections that the user will lose their followers and playlists.
  • To dismiss this warning pop-up, mark the checkbox, indicating a confirmation that the users have understood the consequences, followed by simply clicking the “Continue” button.
  • The users need to click the ‘Continue’ button on the next page.
  • And thus, they will receive an email over their registered one with the link to confirm their decision to close or delete their Spotify account.
  • So, the users need to just open this link followed by choosing the “Close my account” option for sure. Remember, this button will be in a green format that needs to be clicked by the users within 24 hours of its release.

The Advantages of the Spotify App

As a music streaming service, Spotify has surely added value to the entertainment field as it ensures that users can easily access millions of songs and podcasts, along with videos from different artists (including their favorite ones). Since its early launch as an application, Spotify has tended to be appealing and trending since its early launch as it offers a smooth and easy user interface to its users. Also, users may simply sign in using their email address or Facebook account.

Apart from these benefits, users may simply go ahead with using a free Spotify account to enjoy their favorite songs, podcasts, or videos, or they may purchase a premium subscription for easy streaming without being interrupted by ads. The list of all the additional benefits of the “Spotify” application includes the following:

  • High-quality media streaming
  • Enhanced audio quality.
  • Easy downloading of songs, videos, or podcasts
  • Attain followers
  • Follow the one the users like
  • Getting followed by various new users
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity

Finally, delete your Spotify account

Spotify, the audio streaming and media service platform, has given a new way to users’ entertainment as it allows them to listen to the latest and trending songs and videos easily. And in the aforementioned article, we have tried our level best to help the users out by detailing the simplest and easiest procedure for deleting the “Spotify account”. Also, if the users do face some errors in following the procedure ahead or over any step, they may surely get assistance through Spotify customer support over the phone or email.

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