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How to Create an App for Free

It is great if you have come up with an idea of creating a mobile app since the mobile apps market is progressing day by day. Mobile technologies are growing at a fast pace and there is a bright future with Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality. You can hire an app development company to build apps, but they may charge you thousands of dollars to build the app.  Several startups have no funds and would like to develop an app for free or work on an equity basis with developers. There are many app-building tools available in the market to build an app without investing a single dollar and writing a single line of code. It depends on what kind of app you build and what is the business objective. There are several ways you can use to develop an app for free of cost or minimize the project cost. This is an unfortunate reality of several startup businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs and they seek funds from investors, friends, and family. Several of you thinking about how to create an app without money. A few years ago, It was perception but now it is possible to create an app for free. You just need to think strategically and work out your idea.

Use Online Builders – Appipie, Apps Bar, AppsGeyser, AppMakr

There are several online app builders available in the market you can use to build the mobile app for free. Online app builders are easy to use and allow you to drag and drop features into your mobile app. They provide some design and layout features as well. These platforms are based on cloud services and your app will performance of app stores. However, these tools have limited functionality and customization. The performance of the free apps can not be compared with native apps developed by the best app developers.

Work on Equity Basis with Developer

This is a great way to start with. You should prepare a detailed business plan and propose it to some developers. They might like your idea and work as a partner or CTO. In this case, your focus would be setting up requirements, identifying app users, and building app marketing strategies. The developer will code your app and launch it on the app stores. The profit can be shared between you and the developer. In this method of collaboration, you must be careful and sign some sort of documents with the developer.

Get Funded – Find Some Investors

Investors can be your friends, family, or professional firms and individuals. Project funding needs lots of effort and hard work. How your app idea is and how will it give benefit businesses and investors? A strong business plan can attract investors and you should build a strategy to target investors in your area. It is good to get some funds from friends and family. They can trust you and invest in your mobile app project.

Build the App Yourself

This can be a tricky task and it will build your technical expertise. Here you would have to learn designing, coding, testing, and how to release the app on App Stores. You can follow certain steps to build the app from scratch. Usually, it is preferred when your project is simple and you don’t have money at all. This will be your battle and need to work hard to get everything on the board. If you belong to a completely nontechnical field then your focus should be on app marketing not building. Anyway, this is a great path if you do the app just for fun in the first place. It is better to understand the development process the better outcomes you get.

Invest from Personal Savings

If none of the above methods workouts,  you can look out at your savings and build your dream app by hiring a developer or team. While using your savings, you must set some financial targets. You should work with a development team that can understand your budget and needs. It is also recommended to start with one platform and quickly launch the app with a limited set of features. A minimum viable product will help you to build a customer base, generate revenue and attract investors for building full versions of your app.

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