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How to Create a Professional Video Easily with Wondershare Filmora

Advancement in science and technology has enhanced the quality of our lives. Our many daily needs have been enough motivation to drive the need for technological advancement. One of the many breakthroughs of technology is the creation of several software and applications. One such software is the video editing software, among which Wondershare Filmora stands tall.

What is Wondershare Filmora?

Wondershare Filmora is a video-making and editing software. The software is less complex and beginner-friendly. With this software, you can edit your video like a pro from the comfort of your home. Wondershare Filmora is where you unlock your creative talent and stretch it beyond its limits. You do not need to have the complete filming equipment before creating videos on Filmora. The amazing and interesting features of this software are enough to help you create videos and edit the video the way you desire. Filmora runs on different operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 8, Vista, and Mac. It is available in several updated versions to improve the users’ experience. The newest version is the Filmora X and has new amazing features.

Exclusive Features for Mac Users

Wondershare Filmora runs on the Mac operating system. The newest version of the Filmora software has special features exclusively for mac users. These features include:

  • Auto frame

Manually trimming out video clips on your device into different aspect ratios can be time-consuming. Although present-day cameras have made it easy to capture smooth footage. However, more time can be saved using the auto frame on Filmora. The new intuitive auto frame feature automatically detects moving elements and crop out the focal points in clips to fit the screen.

  • M1 Chip & Touch bar support

The M1 Chip is a system designed for use as a processing unit (central processing and graphical processing) for Mac computers and tablets. It is an SoC that handles all functions in the OS, including the touch bar. The touch bar allows touch access to applications by tapping and swiping gestures on the screen.  The Filmora X touch bar Mac improves video editing, video trimming, and cutting by its intuitive control. It allows for a better way to preview videos through the timeline.

  • New split-screen templates

The updated split screen preset is another exclusive feature for mac users to make video editing more worthwhile. These additional templates make it more fun to customize animation Mac.

  • HEVC codec support instant cutter

HEVC codec is a high-efficiency video coding that creates a balance between video compression and video quality. It is a well-known video format compatible with Mac OS which encodes clips at a reduced bit rate while preserving the video quality at the same time.

  • Direct import from photo library

For mac OS users, importing clips directly from the device library into the timeline is made easy with the touch bar.  Videos can also be added through screen records. With Filmora, screen record is simplified for mac users, all there is to do is click on record from the + icon on the screen, then choose screen record. Tap the record button to start the screen record. The screen record can be customized to a full screen or custom screen.

Video editing on Mac such as video trimming/cutting/splitting is made more interesting when using Wondershare Filmora X.

Other Features of Wondershare Filmora X

The unique feature of Filmora X is a distinguishing factor that makes it stand out from other video editing software. These features are there to attend to the needs of the user and improve the videos. Among these features are:

  1. Drag-and-drop interface

The Drag-and-drop interface is used to move effects and videos from one location to another on the graphical user interface. This feature eliminates complexity and one can say it has a mind of its own. The drag-and-drop interface is easy to use but is not supported by all video editing software. However, it is available on Wondershare Filmora X software, where effects can be added to videos by dragging and dropping them, and videos can also be added to the timeline by also dragging and dropping them. To use this feature, place the cursor on the video, grab the video by clicking on it, and holding down the mouse button. Move the video to the desired location and release the mouse button to drop the file on the timeline.

  1. Effect shop (filmstock)

Filmstock is a full-service store on Wondershare Filmora, which provides tons of exciting media and after-effects for download. It has short video clips that can be added to your video and added sound effects also available for download for free. The effect shop is frequently updated with stock videos and license-free sound effects free which makes video editing worthwhile. All that is required is to sign up with the software and log in to enjoy this

  1. Video editing effects

Custom animation and visual effects are the basis of present-day video editing. With Wondershare Filmora, video editing is made easy, and fantastic videos are created by making use of the cool effects available on the App. To edit your videos with Filmora X, download videos from the effect store or import them from your device and add them to your timeline. Adjust the video by using the drag and drop effect provided by the software. There are several video editing features available on Wondershare Filmora X to make the experience interesting. These features include.

  • Green screen effect

The green screen function allows you to fit your video into a new background. This effect is an exceptional overlapping effect, used to superpose on a virtual backdrop by digitally removing the color behind the video and dropping it on a customized background. To use this feature on Filmora X, import your background video and the green screen video from your device or the effect store. Drag and drop the videos into the timeline. Drop the background video into the first timeline and the green screen video in the track above it. Double click the green screen video, edit it and access the green screen effect from the chroma key feature.

  • Split screen

To put it briefly, split-screen, just as the name suggests, is a display technology that is all about dividing the screen into sections. This effect is one of the features unique to Wondershare Filmora X. if you are wondering how to use this feature, it’s so easy. Just create a new project on your Filmora App from your toolbar or use the shortcut (Ctrl + N). Import media files from your device or download stock videos from the effect store available on the App. Click on split-screen from the toolbar displayed on the screen and choose the preferred template. Apply the selected split-screen to your timeline and add the video. Easy peasy. To undo any of the effects, enter the shortcut (ctrl + Z).

  • Advanced features

Wondershare Filmora x is developed from the previous versions of the software but has more improved features. These exceptional features are there to improve the users’ experience and make the videos more attractive. As a user, you can trim/cut/split your videos easily when editing. These features include:

  • Keyframing

Frame in video making is one of the several pictures compacted to form a video. In simple words, keyframing in animation is the start and end of a smooth transition. It is about creating custom animation for an element base on certain parameters. keyframing customize animation by adding the keyframe to change the position, rotation, scale, and opacity of a video. To use this effect for mac, import your video and add the video to your timeline. Double-click on the video and select add animation. From that menu, right-click the animation option and click customize. Move the cursor to the point in the timeline where the keyframe should be added and click to add. About 6 keyframing types can be applied to a clip to create a simple customized animation.

  • Motion tracking tool

In a nutshell, motion tracking is a form of custom animation, which keeps track of the direction of an element in a clip, and applies that direction to another element during video editing. It is one of the distinguishing features of the X version of Wondershare Filmora. To use this tool, Drag and drop your video into the timeline and select the motion tracking tool from the toolbar in the software. Alternatively, you can double-click on the video and click on motion tracking. After that, modify the tracking box, and choose the element. Then, Right-click on start tracking and add the object to move simultaneously with the element in the video.

  • Color matching

One of the video editing software to use regarding color scaling and correction is the Filmora. Color matching is all about merging the colors of different video clips and maintaining their consistency all through the video. To apply color match during video editing for Mac users, tap the video in the timeline and select color match from the menu. Tap comparison view and skim through the reference window to pick the preferred color match.

  • Video transition

An additional way to improve video editing and adding customize animation is with video transition. The feature is used for combining different videos into a single video in a cohesive manner to improve the flow.

  • Video filters

Video filters otherwise known as overlays are effects added to improve the allure of the video. To add overlays and filters, open the effects tab to choose the preferred filter. Drag-and-drop it on the video in the timeline to apply it. Filters can also be customized to modify the transparency and time scale.

  • Audio ducking

The same way videos are edited on Filmora X, soundtracks attached to videos can also be edited to suit the user. In a few words, audio ducking is about lowering the surrounding sound in a video and intensifying the volume of the voiceover. This feature can be used repeatedly and at several points in the video to accentuate the voiceover. Audio ducking in Wondershare Filmora X is simple and automatic at the same time. All you have to do is select the position in the video for ducking and right-clicking on adjust audio. From that point on, you can go ahead to enable audio ducking and modify its intensity for the specified time range to get the right balance. Please refer to this detailed guide to learn more

  1. New UI and Switch to dark/light mode

With the new UI Dark/Light mode feature, users of the software can switch between the light modes and the dark modes easily during video editing to suit their comfort. This is done concerning the health of their eyes.

  1. Direct import from photo library

With Filmora X, media files can be added to the timeline directly from the device’s library. This video file format supported for input includes .mpg, .mpeg, MPEG-4, MJPEG codec, .avi, camcorder files and flash videos etc

  1. Supports different formats

The next step after editing a video is exporting the video to various platforms. The video created on Filmora X can be exported in various formats like mp4, Wmv, Mkv, ts, 3gp, f4v, Mkv, MOV, mpg, 3gp, GIF 4K, and mp3

Bottom Line

Wondershare Filmora X is an amazing software. It features several video editing tools to create the desire effects on videos. It is used by both individuals and agencies. It is a simple video editor with a lot of advanced features available at a reduced cost to improve the users’ experience. In other words, the software is stress-free with more gain to meet the need of the user. This version of Wondershare Filmora creates a balance between simplicity and advanced features. The drawback to this App is the watermark attached to the free version. Another demerit is the many features the software has to offer that are likely to confuse the user.  For a better experience, the paid version is available for download at a cost-effective rate for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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