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How to Convert BNB to BTC?

In 2021, Binance coin rose to the third position in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrencies. Analysts believe that the coin will continue to rise and are citing impressive numbers. It is possible that the Binance coin will end the year with another record.

What is BNB

The coin was created as a utility token of the Binance crypto exchange. BNB is used to pay exchange fees, goods, services, and transaction fees in the Binance system.

In addition, BNB is an important element of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Blockchain creators aim to surpass Ethereum. Perhaps this is one of the most serious competitors of Ethereum since, in addition to high scalability and low commissions, the platform has something that the rest of the race participants lack – fame, authority, and in-demand products.

BNB exchange rate history

The launch of the coin in the summer of 2017 looked very modest. Its price was about $ 0.1. The coin withstood the winter of 2018 and strengthened significantly in 2019, setting its first record at $ 38.8. The rise was followed by a decline and the coin managed to return to its previous positions only at the beginning of 2021. By the second decade of February, BNB was already trading at $ 324 for some time.

The rapid growth of the market in May did not bypass Binance Coin. On May 10, she set an all-time record of $ 683.8. A sharp rise was followed by a deep recession. Following the general market trends, the coin is now trading just above $ 500.

BNB Price Prediction

Leading analytical portals agree on the continuation of the bullish trend in BNB. The most daring predictions are that the coin will end the year above $ 600 and set a new all-time high in early 2022. However, the cryptocurrency market is very poorly predictable and it is worth doing your own research before buying or selling BNB.

Where to exchange BNB to BTC

The most obvious way BNB to BTC convert is to do it on the native token exchange. However, please note that BNB is traded on almost all major exchanges.

Before proceeding with any operations on a traditional exchange, you will have to create an account. In addition to registering an account at many sites, verification is additionally required by providing documents proving the user’s identity.

After completing the KYS procedure, you will be able to replenish the deposit, create order and exchange your coins. If your plans do not include active trading, after the order is executed, it is better to withdraw the funds to an external wallet.

How to exchange BNB to BTC with LetsExchange

Traditional trading platforms have several significant disadvantages. First of all, the KYC procedure contradicts the principles of cryptocurrency anonymity. In addition, a commission is charged for almost all operations on the exchange.

LetsExchange promise crypto anonymous  exchange without wasting time. You just go to any page and consistently fill in the exchange widget:

  • In the upper field of the exchange widget, select BNB for sale and specify the amount of the transaction;
  • In the lower field, select BTC for purchase;
  • Indicate the address of your crypto wallet;
  • Deposit coins.
  • Press the “Exchange” button.

This is all that is required of you. You do not disclose your personal information and your identity will remain secret. You do not need to waste time looking for a platform with the best conditions and the best deal – the Smart Rate program will do it. After the completion of the exchange, the crediting of coins to your wallet is performed automatically.

Furthermore, LetsExchange could be described as one of the best places to exchange 300+ cryptocurrencies for those who value anonymity and their own time.

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