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How to Close your Amazon Seller Account

Amazon provides a very interactive and user-friendly platform – Amazon Central, for merchants worldwide. Although trying to delete or close a listing on the marketplace it gets quite normal for sellers to get perplexed. The write-up here aims to solve all your confusion regarding Amazon listing and its management.

How Do I Close An Amazon Seller Account?

  • Complete all unexecuted orders.
  • Wait at least three months (90 days) after your last dealing in order to get ensure that the A-to-Z guarantee claims period is implemented.
  • Settle all of your dealings with customers. This includes issuing necessary refunds and compensations.
  • Wait until your account balance is zero (This will happen on your next disbursement or charge date).
  • Ensure you have submitted accurate bank details. It will help receive the final payment.
  • Go to the section’ Performance Notifications.’ Ensure the reasons for your account’s freezing have been corrected & resolved.

Additionally, Follow these steps

  • Go to the page: Contact Us.
  • Click on “Your Account” and press the “Close your account” button.
  • Fill out the “Delete Account” application form.
  • Click “Submit a request.“

After you request submission, you will get an acceptance email. Consequently. a detailing mail will be received if Amazon finds issue while deleting your account. Additionally, once Processed, Amazon Will Delete Your Account Permanently.

If you just want to take some time off selling try not to delete your Amazon Seller account completely.  Closing your Amazon listing is a quicker way to go about this.

Want To Delete Your Amazon Account Permanently – Precautionary Advice

  • Marketplace remove your account history permanently
  • Also, your product listings removes, once your Amazon seller account deletes. Similarly, there will be no content, images, product reviews & ratings, or comments on the marketplace associated with your products.
  • Not be able to process any activity (selling, returns, refunds, or exchange). Access denied to account.
  • It will fail to reactivate your Amazon account.

Basically, it will create problems when you resume selling on Amazon. Otherwise, you will have to start from scratch.

Manage your Amazon Seller Account like A Pro!

Amazon has created a well-researched, multi-functional interface to provide Sellers an excellent experience. Furthermore, as a Vendor it’s still difficult to multi-task.

Altogether managing an Amazon Prime Seller account along with the basic and core business needs. Don’t worry! experts can help you manage it like a boss. Right from setting up your shop to managing inventory and caring for customer satisfaction, we do it all in a professional way.

Some of the unique features of outsourcing your amazon seller account management to company are

  • Mass data migration from popular e-store platforms to your Amazon store.
  • Our Catalogue management experts extract the best features, which positively impact sales after comprehensive Product research. We do well-prepared Product listings.
  •  Huge workforce, versatile talent, upgraded skills, and a clientele from all verticals.
  • Round-the-clock customer support, which builds your brand

The Process to Delete a Listing on Amazon Seller Central

Moreover to get a product removed from Amazon you can follow the following steps:

  • Open ‘Manage Inventory’ section from the menu.
  • To delete a listing, select the ‘Delete product and Listing’ option.
  • Amazon will ask for a confirmation, select ‘Ok’ to delete the product and listing permanently.

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