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How To Build a Taxi booking System like Grab?

The dependency on ride-hailing apps has increased over the years and has opened new opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter the industry. Convenience and affordability are two significant reasons individuals prefer online taxi booking services over other transportation options.

Currently, there are only a few popular online taxi booking companies like GrabTaxi, Uber, etc., offering their services in limited regions leaving wide scope for new players to step in and make good use of the untouched market segments.

Considering the current market situation we can clearly say that the demand for ride-hailing services is more than the AI-enabled self-driving vehicles. Due to the uptrend, the taxi booking business is gaining limelight as a lucrative opportunity for startups to start a new business or expand their already existing taxi business.

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs are inspired by the success of an already existing business like Grab or Uber with a plan to start something similar. In this article, we will help you understand how Grab works? And How you can build a taxi booking system like Grab.

Company Overview

GRABTAXI is a popular name among online taxi booking services. The company has a wide range of services like GrabShare, GrabHitch, GrabRentals, JustGrab, GrabFamily, etc., other than taxi booking services.

Grab was launched in 2012 in Malaysia (now the headquarters are in Singapore) and since then the taxi services have grown each year becoming the most profitable service Grab. It’s a smartphone-based taxi booking & dispatching service. The company started as a taxi-hailing app serving around 8 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia covering more than 400 cities.

It has become one of the largest ride-hailing companies in Southeast Asia with millions of app downloads and daily multiplication in the number of rides booked using the Grab App.

How do the On-demand Grab Taxi Services Work?

All the online taxi booking services work in the same way by following a simple & intuitive booking process. The basic steps are:

  • Download the GrabTax App
  • Register on the app and fill in the required details
  • Once your registration is approved you can now book a taxi using the GrabTaxi app by pickup and drop location. You can enter the locations manually or using the map
  • The nearby Grabtaxi drivers will receive the notification and once your booking is accepted by any driver, you will get the confirmation that the driver is on his/her way to your pickup location
  • Based on the payment method you have selected, you can make the payment when the ride is completed, followed by sharing your reviews

The Revenue Channels of Taxi Booking Businesses like GrabTaxi

GrabTaxi works with the existing taxi community in the countries it is operating in. The company is not limited to just taxi booking services but also offers other services like GrabFood, GrabPay, GrabFinance, GrabMart, and GrabInsure adding to the total revenue of the company.

The revenue channels are:

  • Commission from every booking confirmed
  • Referral Fees
  • Advertisement on the Platform

Whereas the other revenue channels are commissions from restaurants, payment processing fees, etc. Grab is popular as a super app as it fulfills almost all everyday needs of customers with the number of services it offers.

How to build a taxi booking app like GrabTaxi?

If you are planning to develop a super app like Grab you need detailed research done before you make any investment. Get’s discuss the factors to consider while building an app like GrabTaxi:

Research about the market demand and your competitors

Already existing competition markets make it important to have an in-depth knowledge of the market demand, customer expectation, competitors’ offerings, market opportunities, etc. Based on these stats it is easy to decide what business model to choose, which are your potential targeted audience, marketing strategies, etc.

Analyze the requirements and types of apps you require, for example, customer apps, driver’s apps, and an administrator panel. Based on this, start looking at app development options/companies to bring your project live soon.

Find the Right Mobile app development Company

The efficiency of the app matters and that can only be achieved if you choose the right custom mobile app development company for your business. The selection of the app development company should not only be based on pricing, features, or client review but also on the type of after-sales services they offer and the flexibility to upgrade with time.

It is obvious that once the app is ready to use there will be errors, bugs, and enhancements required for which you need the help of your app development company. So review the active apps developed by the company, and discuss your project & requirements in detail before investing.

Get the App Designed (UI)

In-app development the first thing is the app design, deciding its screen looks, theme, etc. Deciding the look of your app is important as that’s what makes the first impression. To make your app look different from your competitors, and add value to the user experience you need to focus on the UI of the app.

Share your suggestions with the app development team frequently, compare the final look with what you have imagined, and once you are satisfied only then approve the design. As a fact entrepreneurs spend less time on design and once the app is ready what disappoints the app users is the UI/UX of the app because services are almost the same.

Development of your Taxi App

Once the design is approved, the actual technical work starts that is the development of the app. The coding and building of an efficient back-end & front-ends start based on the features and functionalities requirements to build an app like GrabTaxi.

The time of the app development depends on how complex the app is as it’s surely the longest & most significant step to building an efficient app like GrabTaxi.

Testing the App

The app is only handed over to the client by the app development company if it qualifies in the app testing phase. In case of any bug or error is found the app goes under the development phase until the issue is rectified.

There is a dedicated QA tester team appointed for this, to check if there is any error or bug in the visual or interactions. Beta testing, automation, etc., all are part of this phase of mobile app development.

Ready to Launch and Market

Your app is ready to launch if there is no bug found and is approved by the QA testers. You can finally launch your app and make it available for others to use. Mostly the app development companies do the launch for you onto Apple’s app store and Google play store. So all you need to do is focus on marketing so that people start downloading and using your app.


The mobile app companies have made it easy to build a similar app to the already existing ones saving your time and efforts. The only research that you need to do is find the right app development company for your business and the rest is all taken care of by them.

Also, those entrepreneurs who are not so sure about the GrabTaxi business model should consider a one-on-one discussion with the app development team for the right guidance and support.

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