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How To Balance Purpose, Passion, And Profit In A Sustainable Career

A Career Vs A Sustainable Career

There is a thin line between having a career and having a sustainable career. Both might sound alike, but in reality, there is a difference.

The difference between a career and the sustainable career can be summarized in two words- mindset and impact. A career can be hopped into, but a sustainable career can only be chosen after discovering a purpose

A sustainable career encompasses all the aspects of a career but goes beyond personal success to prioritize the impact it has on both the individual and society. A sustainable career starts with the mindset of the individual involved.

While a career is a profession that seeks personal success and may be short termed, a sustainable career goes beyond the personal success of the individual involved, to seek the overall benefit to the society at large, in the long run.

Sustainable Career In A First-World Country

Reports show that the majority of citizens in first-world, second-world, and third-world countries have a career, with a smaller percentage pursuing a sustainable career.

Despite being one of the four Asian tigers and having ranked as the 4th most competitive economy in 2023, Singapore still grapples with significant inflation. When searching for jobs, most citizens prioritize salary, considering factors such as age and experience, rather than focusing on jobs aligned with their purpose and passion.

The reality is that many individuals choose their current jobs and careers primarily for salary and profitability, often leading them to pursue any available job without a clear understanding of their purpose.

A sustainable career even the average salary in Singapore makes it easy to cope with the high cost of living for an individual.

Given the current economic crises and persisting inflation, it is difficult to blame individuals who opt for job hopping or career switches driven by the need for better salaries Even with part-time jobs, people still find it hard to meet up.

The Tipping Point

However, there may come a critical moment in one’s life when they decide to make a significant career decision, aiming to achieve both profitability and a positive impact on society. That critical moment is what we call the tipping point toward a sustainable career.

Different people get to their tipping point at various stages in life, some early, while some, later on, although for some, a life rendering situation might push them to that tipping point. The good thing however is that the moment an individual gets to that tipping point, there is no turning back, he tends to seek for something above himself.

Going For A Sustainable Career

Going for a sustainable career means considering a career that you have passion for, is profitable to you, and helps you fulfill your purpose.

For some, however, their present career can be turned into a sustainable career for them. They just get to the point where they choose to consider other factors like impact, along with their gain.

Others however can start their sustainable career as a part-time job. It could be that your present work affords you lots of comforts, even though it might not be fulfilling, you could remind yourself there, start a fulfilling career part-time, or even as a weekend part-time job, depending on your flexibility, and with time, switch fully to that sustainable career you have in mind.

Whichever category you fall into among these three, to pursue a sustainable career, you need to find a way to balance purpose, passion, and profit.


Abuse is always inevitable if the purpose of something is not well-known. What is your purpose?

One effective way to discover your purpose is by identifying what others rely on you for. You can start by finding out from close friends and family what you are always needed for.

Whether it’s imparting knowledge, technical problem-solving, or various other skills, identifying that one thing you consistently do to meet people’s needs can help you uncover your purpose


What are you passionate about? Passion serves as the driving force to push you forward when things seem rough.

Pursuing a career you are passionate about empowers you to thrive even when others face challenges.


Whether we like it or not, bills must be paid; the world operates in this way, and thus, we must adapt.

A career that you are passionate about, and helps you fulfill your purpose, but does not pay your bills might lead you into debt later on, or worse still, depression.

It’s not about being money conscious, reality must be faced. When going for a career, you must be realistic and intentional about profitability.

Balancing Purpose, Passion, And Profit

Achieving the right balance between purpose, passion, and profit in a career is what distinguishes it as sustainable.

There is no specific way of switching to a sustainable career, it could be an immediate or a gradual process. Most times, if you are in a career that is profitable but doesn’t meet other expectations, it is best to switch gradually, then immediately.

For those living in Singapore, it is widely recognized that a gradual transition is generally easier and smoother compared to an immediate switch. It is best to take up that sustainable career as a part-time job in Singapore while building your stability gradually, and then fully switch later on.

Although there are many part-time skills and jobs in Singapore, finding the one that resonates with your passion and purpose is key. Many individuals in Singapore are juggling between their primary jobs and part-time positions while also honing the skills they are passionate about.

It is crucial to recognize that a profitable career covers the bills, while a sustainable career serves as nourishment for the soul.


The pursuit of a sustainable career is a transformative journey that demands sacrifice, perseverance, and patience. An individual must possess endurance in the genre.

It is a well-known fact that most times, our passion fills our soul, while our job pays our bills. Most skills that people are passionate about, that fulfill their purpose, do not give profitability at the beginning, that’s why they give up.

The solution lies in finding a job that is profitable while simultaneously nurturing a sustainable career part-time. With time, you can fully switch to that sustainable career, when you must have found the balance between profitability, and passion, while fulfilling your purpose.

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