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How to Appeal to Gen Z Employees 

With the considerable numbers of Generation Z entering the workforce, companies need to create a conducive work environment to recruit and retain them. This generation comprises 24% of the world’s workforce and will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Generation Z comprises digital-native workers who are the most diverse group to enter the workforce. Therefore, companies should exhibit an environmentally inclusive, conscious, and diverse workplace to keep and recruit Gen Z workers. To ensure they are comfortable in your company, here are a few things to do to engage with Generation Z employees

1. Incorporate technology in your operations as much as possible 

Gen Z employees are highly tech-savvy and use social media to its full potential and therefore expect that the companies they work with should be tech-savvy. A survey by Dell Technologies showed that most of them are drawn to the tech industry and want to work with innovative technology. A large number also said that their key determining factor when choosing where to work would be technology. 

2. Create an environment that makes them feel included 

Being the most diverse workforce, diversity is their game-breaker regarding race and gender. So, they expect diversity to be a top preference in potential workplaces. They expect gender-neutral bathrooms, equal work, equal pay, and support for racial movements like Black Lives Matter. This group is also the most likely to have people who identify as nonbinary. 

They know about social justice and societal impact and expect companies to provide enough opportunities to engage in the communities and prioritize inclusion and diversity. 

Additionally, you need to create a sense of community to ensure Gen Z and other generations’ employees work harmoniously. Doing this allows your employees to have a sense of belonging. This community feeling enhances deeper connections between your employees and draws them closer to your mission, values, and purpose. 

3. Adjust your communication structure 

Gen Z employees question everything and are more suspicious than other older generations. They exhibit skepticism and caution and do not fear questioning everything and everyone, including their superiors. Therefore, you should adjust your communication structure to make managers more accessible. These workers are also quick to decipher what is true and fake compared to their millennial counterparts. 

4. Embrace mental health 

For Gen Zers, mental health is a top priority. This is because they were raised in a period of chaos and have many reasons to be stressed, e.g., a high rate of unemployment. Most of them are prone to anxiety and stress attacks compared to previous generations, which is why they prioritize mental health and prefer to work with companies that also care about it. Companies that embrace mental health and offer healthcare packages will have exceptional Gen Z talents in their workforce. 

5. Provide growth and career development opportunities 

Generation Z workforce is not highly drawn to startups and entrepreneurship like millennials. They prefer a workplace where opportunities are available to move up the corporate ladder. They want challenges and career advancements with minimal risk. 

Ideally, they want jobs with stability and security. Therefore, companies that can provide an entrepreneurial work environment and stability are the go-to workplaces for this diverse generation. In addition, they desire to work with companies that recognize their talents and are well-suited for their interests where managers genuinely care about them and their careers. 

Managers are tasked with finding gaps within the company that Gen Z can fill while expanding and growing their responsibilities. 

6. Provide sufficient details for tasks and assignments 

Managers working with Generation Z employees should provide a lot of detailed instructions. This group expects them to do so since they have grown up watching YouTube videos to learn new skills.

Additionally, they received tons of help from their parents and Google on their assignments. If you want quality work, ensure to always communicate and clarify your goals with your team. More detailed instructions will help Generation Z employees perform their tasks with maximum effort. 

7. Use creative and captivating digital signage 

Digital signage allows you to communicate easily and effectively with your Generation Z employees. They are used to being on their smartphones and are digital natives. Therefore, communicating with them through digital signage ensures they see and read your message. 

Spice up your messages using pictures and videos to enhance their ability to digest your updates and messages. Additionally, use digital signage to recognize hard work by showing off your top performer. This strategy enhances competitiveness as the other employees strive to be recognized next. 


When you incorporate these ideas into your operations, you will attract and retain Gen Z employees within your company. But, importantly, you need to respect their independence and preferences by taking short polls or surveys. 

Although Gen Z does not fit into a specific category, the tips discussed serve as guidelines to help you appeal to Gen Zers, handle a multi-generational workforce and create a company culture of appreciation while motivating your employees.

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