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How the Internet of Things is Coming Home

The first major implementations of the Internet of Things were in industries. It takes the form of smart meters and motor control centers across the shop floor tracking energy usage and production variables. The goals include minimizing energy usage and proactive maintenance before unexpected quality problems or unplanned breakdowns occur. However, the Internet of Things is coming home in a big way.

How the IOT is Hitting Homes

The Internet of Things first arrived in the average home with a programmable thermostat. It tracked your temperature profiles before determining the most efficient way to keep your home comfortable. The next generation of the technology allowed you to monitor power consumption via an app and turn off your AC if you’re going to be late getting home to save money on your power bill.

Information appliances like the Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri have propelled smart home technology. You buy and configure the information appliance, and you can ask it questions or order items by talking to it. Buy a few plug-in controls, and you can ask the information appliance to turn off the lights downstairs. The next level of home automation includes door locks, security sensors, and cameras throughout the home. All of this is connected to the home automation control center and/or your information appliance, and these often connect to various apps. Now you can receive a warning that the back door was opened and see images or even streaming video of what is happening in real time though you’re at dinner across town. You can decide to ignore your teen coming home late or notify the police that your home is being invaded

The internet of things is innovating homes in other ways. For example, home automation is a boon for those with limited mobility. There has been a veritable wave of technologies intended to aid those who have trouble doing things themselves, whether they’ve severely injured or deteriorating due to old age. Forget trying to find a cell phone to call for help and order the information appliance to call your adult child for help. Order lights turned off or the air conditioner turned up without having to get out of bed. The family can leverage the smart appliance, too, having it remind Mom to take her medication, inform her of upcoming doctor’s appointments or sending a warning if she hasn’t come home after the thirty minutes it should take to walk the dog. It can even be programmed to ask her how she’s doing and call for aid if there is no response.

The Internet of Things is slowly integrating various services, too. Once the information appliance is set up and connected with the right apps, you can order pizza without even picking up a cell phone. Mom living alone could be set up with an allowance through Amazon and order almost anything she wants within pre-defined reasonable limits. For example, she could order dog food or deodorant delivered to the door, but a visiting grandchild or criminal can’t drain the account ordering a video game console delivered to the house.

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