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How Tech Changes in the Social Care Industry are Making Huge Leaps Forward in Services

At one time, the social care sector was reluctant to embrace technology. However, recent research has revealed the majority of social care staff now use digital technology within their everyday job.

From helping with administration and communication to boosting the delivery of support and care services, technology has helped improve the sector in numerous ways. Below, we’ll look at how tech changes in the social care industry are making huge leaps forward in services.

Providing real-time documentation

One of the biggest changes technology has brought to the social care industry is the ability to record information in real time. Care homes have particularly embraced real time documentation, using tablets to instantly record patient data.

The tablets can be used to create and manage care plans, health assessments, medication, risk assessments and safeguarding methods. This has made social care services run much more efficiently, dramatically decreasing the amount of paperwork needed to be recorded, filed and analysed.

Mobile apps provide easier access to service

When many people think of mobile apps, they largely think games or entertainment-based apps. However, companies such as Servelec, have introduced a range of useful apps dedicated to the social and healthcare sector.

Apps provide many different benefits to the sector. They’re used to improve the efficiency of professionals, as well as council processes. They can also help to speed up communication and help to better manage workflow. Patients are also able to use them to stay up-to-date with their service provider, as well as find support from local groups and services.

Self-service saves time and money

Often, one of the most frustrating things patients find with social care services is registering for the service they need. Technology has helped to significantly reduce the wait, by enabling self-service processes.

Patients can use apps and digital sites to register or refer themselves to local social services. They can also carry out financial assessments online, rather than having to physically go into their local council. This has proved extremely useful for both the patient and local councils.

These are just some of the ways technology has helped to improve the social care sector. As it continues to advance, there’s going to be even more fantastic changes to look forward to. Of course, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its challenges, but overall technology has really boosted the sector.

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Lewis is a blogger and researcher from the UK. He continues to work with a number of brands and websites, including Life Hack, Career Addict and Investopedia.

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