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How Small Businesses In Developing Countries Can Benefit From Android App Development

Robot workerIn US, UK, Australia and Europe, we have seen apps dominate the mobile Internet landscape. While people do use their mobile browsers to access Internet, they spend a lot more time on apps. The last two years have seen the triumph of small business mobile app in economically advanced nations. But the success and proliferation of feature-rich and high-performance mobile devices has not been limited to a handful of developed nations.

The smartphone revolution is unfolding in densely populated countries in South America and Asia. In countries like China, Brazil and India, a majority of people still use feature phones – most of these people will switch to comparably priced smartphones in the next couple of years. While the iPhone rules the most profitable parts of markets in US, UK and Europe, Android-based mobiles are dominating the markets in South America and Asia.

Small businesses in developed nations have found a way of making the smartphone revolution work for them. There are three huge benefits that small businesses can get by developing a bespoke app for their customers:

Customer Engagement: It is not easy for people to keep in touch with each other personally. Virtual connection, at times, is the only possibility. Your business can be a part of the customers’ life by offering discounts, offers, information and special services on a daily basis through an app. When executed well, such an app improves the customer’s experience and ensures that you stay at the top in the her mind.

Data Collection and Analysis: You can track the behavior, preferences and problems faced by your customers by checking their app behavior. The app can also have built-in functionality to process the data and take corrective measures automatically. This enables you to provide targeted advertisement and services.

Target Local Customers: Geolocation through GPS makes it possible for small businesses to offer several automated services to customers. For instance, an automatic message or ad can pop up in the mobile of a customer when we passes within certain distance of your shop. Or, the customer can set a reminder himself through your app, and when he comes within a certain distance of your shop, he is reminded to buy something. Also, most customers like to buy good or products from local stores, even when they are buying online. An app can help them do so.

These are some of the benefits of creating apps for small businesses. Currently, only big organizations in Asian and South American nations have mobile apps. Already, there are hundreds of millions of smartphone users in these countries, and consumers in these nations are getting more and more comfortable with making mobile payments and using mobiles to access services. Most of the smartphones in these nations are Android-based.

Small businesses can create Android apps targeting this growing group of smartphone owners. Right now is the right time because there is a chance to get the first-mover advantage and dominate the market. There is no doubt that smartphones will become increasingly common in all developing nations. Small businesses that get ready for the Android smartphone revolution in these nations will be able to ride the waves of Android’s popularity and find a place in the hearts of smartphone users.

Written By

Sebastian Atwell is working for PerceptiveWebDesign, a mobile application development company based in Los Angeles. He loves to read and be updated with the latest news regarding the tech world. He also likes to write as a hobby and share his experience and opinions with other like minded people.



  1. Victoria Mudaraya

    July 9, 2013 at 9:44 am

    i totally agree with your point that small business needs app development. And I’ve seen many examples how it can benefit form the apps – starting from the city taxi app that makes taking taxi easy and quick – you need just push a button – up the apps that turn small business into a big one.

  2. Pat

    July 9, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    Android is an open source mobile app development platform, due to its supportive nature for various tools. Now it becomes a basic need for any business.

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