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How New Technology Is Improving Tinted Car Windows

In this short article, we’re going to take a look at some of the new technology that is available to tint your car windows.

When it comes to maintaining the privacy and reducing the sun’s glare while driving, window tinting is a must-have car accessory. While some cars come with pre-tinted windows, others don’t and need to have it installed. In this short article, we’re going to take a look at some of the new technology that is available to tint your car windows.

Dynamic Glass

One of the easiest ways to think about dynamic glass is by picturing transitional lenses for a pair of glasses. These lenses have no tint when there is no direct sunlight. However, when the lenses sense there are UV rays present, they switch to a tint to protect the user from the sun’s rays. Dynamic car glass is very similar to this concept. However, the difference is that the dynamic glass requires the user to hit a button to switch to a tinted mode. This allows your car to have a clear glass when you want and tinted glass at the push of a button.

Photochromic Film

Using the transitional lenses example from above, the photochromic film works in much the same way. This car window tinting method works by having car glass that contains light-sensitive pigments. These pigments detect UV rays and change to a darker tone when UV radiation is present. This particular change takes place in the chemical structure of the photochromic pigment and is completely invisible to the human eye.

Smart Windows

Fairly new to the window tinting market, smart windows allow users to set a specific amount of tint depending on what they desire. This technology uses a process known as reversible metal electrodeposition. Essentially, a thin layer of metal is integrated into the window. By using a low voltage, the window can tint to a level desired by the user. By altering the voltage given to the window, the amount of tint can be increased or reduced. The best part is that smart windows still let in some natural light to ensure that users can still clearly see out of the windows.

More Widespread Use in the Future

All of the technologies mentioned above are still in their introduction phases. They’re not readily used in car manufacturing as of yet. However, you should expect to see the regular implementation of this technology in cars coming off of the production line in the next few years.

Technology is constantly improving in the 21st century. To make driving safer and more convenient for the user, inventors across the globe have developed many new window tinting technologies. Understanding how each one work can allow you to pick which technology will best fit your driving needs.

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