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How Much Should You Pay an SEO Expert?

SEO remains essential for gaining exposure for your business. Don’t believe the people who say that SEO is dead in 2019. Sites listed on the first page of Google receive 91% of the total traffic share.

It’s as relevant as ever before, even though the rules have changed.

One of the most common questions asked by businesses is how much they can expect to pay for the services of an SEO expert. Here’s what you need to know about this subject.

What’s the Average for the Industry?

In a research study carried out, it was found that SEO agencies charged at least $100 per hour in 53.45% of cases.

So, if you want to contact an SEO agency, you should expect between $100 and $150 per hour. Take note that this number is typically lower for SEO consultants and freelancers.

It’s All in the Results

Unfortunately, if you look around the SEO industry, there’s no correlation between the price you pay and the results you get. Many SEO agencies charge huge prices yet don’t deliver on the results promised.

This is why you need to take your time to research different brands. You should ask for proof of the results they promise to offer.

Any reputable SEO company should have no problem showing detailed case studies.

Look for an SEO Expert with Experience in Your Industry

The core points about successful SEO are the same. But someone who has built a hugely successful website in one area isn’t necessarily going to get the same results in another industry.

You need knowledge of your target market in order to launch a successful SEO campaign. It’s not as simple as researching some keywords and stuffing them into the content.

At least not anymore.

That’s why you should only look at SEO agencies that have experience in your field.

Decide on the Pricing Model

The average SEO expert in Vancouver won’t always charge using the same model. For example, some may charge by the traditional hourly rate. Others will charge a flat fee per month as a monthly retainer. Still, others will charge based on a la carte services rendered.

The SEO industry is worth $80 billion, so you have a lot of options. You need to decide on your needs and how much you want to pay.

Obviously, an hourly rate will typically lead to higher bills in the beginning, as more work is required. But with an hourly rate, you’re guaranteed to have the SEO expert’s full attention at all times.

Opt for a Trial Period

Once you’ve done your research and settled on a choice, ask about a trial period. Don’t commit to a long six-month contract in the beginning. You need to see how they work, whether they deliver, and whether you mix well together.

Most SEO agencies are willing to provide two weeks or a month to see how it goes before asking the customer to commit to something more long-term.

Last Word – Not All SEO Agencies Were Created Equal

Price should be the least of your concerns. SEO is about results, so look for evidence of those results. Ideally, you want an SEO expert who has been successful in your industry before.

Have you hired an SEO agency before?

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