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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Flutter App Developer?

As the number of smartphone users is increasing, this creates a path for mobile apps to surge. However, your app’s success depends on various factors like unique features, interactive user interface, etc.

Moreover, since your target audience can be found on various mobile platforms, you must ensure seamless functioning across all platforms, including iOS and Android.

Flutter is an open-source framework prevalent among developers for designing intuitive cross-platform apps for iOS and Android with a single code.

The apps developed using the Flutter framework provide a seamless performance that gives tough competition to the apps developed with Native app development technologies. Therefore, many prominent brands like Google Ads, Alibaba Group, Google Pay, BMW, Dream11, eBay, etc., use Flutter to build their applications.

Therefore, if you have an app development requirement, it would be best to know the cost to hire a Flutter app developer and hand over your app development project to them.

This blog will help you estimate the cost of hiring Flutter developers to build your app.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Hire a Flutter App Developer

Expertise Level

The main parameter you should check while hiring the Flutter app developer is their experience level. An experienced Flutter developer will thoroughly understand your project requirements and implement them on the app.

With experience, Flutter developers will have more knowledge and expertise in the domain and can suggest you better app strategies.

However, the more experience the Flutter app developer has, the more expensive that resource will cost you.

Developer’s Geographical Area

The geographical area from which you hire a Flutter app development company will also affect the cost of developing an app. For instance, the USA charges higher for their Flutter app development services than India.

Some of the estimated hourly charges of Flutter developers as per the region are given below:

  • North America: $150-$200/hour
  • India: $20-40/hour
  • Australia: $100-$150/hour
  • Africa $40/hour
  • Western Europe: $50-$100/hour
  • Team Scalability

Another factor that influences the cost of hiring a Flutter app developer is the team size requirement of your project. You need a big team size if you want to build an app from scratch with app designing and development processes. With small-scale requirements, a small team or even a single resource can do the task effectively.

However, the cost of hiring developers will increase with large team size. In contrast, a small size team will cost you considerably less.

Development Time

By hiring a Flutter app development company, you can ensure a systematic and well-defined app development process to follow. If you want to maintain the confidentiality of your project, you can even sign an NDA with the company to not disclose your app details in public.

A systematic app development process will build and launch your app within time. Thus, you can have a fixed cost of app development. However, keep in mind that the development cost might vary if your project scope changes or your timeline exceeds.

Select a Hiring Model

Once you are clear of your app type and requirements, you can hire a Flutter developer based on the various Engagement models. The time and cost of developing will vary for each of these models.

  • Time and material model
  • Fixed price model
  • Dedicated hiring model


Selecting a well-suited company and estimating the overall price of hiring them is challenging as it depends on various factors. The cost to develop your Flutter app will depend on factors like app design, tech stack, app type, features & functionalities, etc.

Therefore, to choose the best Flutter app development company, the apt practice is to send your query to the company and know their price quote as per your project.

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